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Profile Id 2153    
PTT Number 20710 (ARGOS Satellite data)
Species Ommatophoca rossii Gray,1844 (Ross Seal) Profile

Sex: - M

Lifestage: - Adult
Deployed from sea-ice zone
Deployed period From 11-Dec-1999 12:00 UT to 10-Mar-2000 12:00 UT
Program 1395 - Antarctic Pack-ice Seals. APIS (Colin Southwell) - some links to adelies which need sorting
Campaign 1994 to 2000 - Antarctic Pack Ice Seals (APIS) Survey (Campaign details | profiles)
Data filter settings Minimum Location Quality - 0 - greater than 1000 metres
Maximum allowed speed - 20 km/hr
Data and Maps
Pass Quality Count
3 75
2 172
1 220
0 123
A 183
B 134
Z 116
Map from processed data

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Map of positions - small world map in SVG
Quality of pass plot - time series in SVG