Artefact Details

CDLHD 77 - Box

Identity - Common name, type, cataloguer

Catalogue Number : CDLHD 77
Common Name : Box
Field Cataloguer : Estelle Lazer and Rod Givney
Type : Category 5: Tools & Equipment For Science & Technology - Merchandising T & E (definition)
Category 6: Tools & Equipment For Communication - Photographic T & E (definition)

Location - Name of place, position and current storage

Field Location : Main Hut Living Quarters Dark Room (definition) - North wall, first shelf, fourth most westerly artefact.

Description - materials, markings, dimensions

Description :
Blue cardboard box with a red paper label. The box contains four glass tubes, which make up a photographic developing kit. The tubes are all clear glass with paper labels, Some have cork stoppers. The first cylindrical container is purple in colour . It is 69 mm long and has a diameter of 12 mm. The cork protrudes 7 mm from the mouth. It has a white label with black writing, which reads: AMIDOL 'SCALOIDS' No. 1 The second container is purple in colour and has no cork. It measures 70 x 12 mm. The paper label has black writing , which reads: AMIDOL 'SCALOIDS' No. 2 The third container is purple in colour and does not have a cork stopper. It contains a purple substance, which has leaked and obscures the writing on the paper label. It measures 70 x 12 mm. The fourth tube is purple in colour and has a cork stopper. It measures 69 x 12 mm. The cork protrudes 6 mm beyond the opening. The label is partially obscured by leaking purple substance. Still legible is: AMIDOL 'SCALOIDS' No...... (illegible). The bottle contains five tablets.
Materials : Cork (definition)
Glass - Other - Purple (definition)
Other (definition)
Paper (definition)
Production Method : Manufactured
Inscription/Markings : Label on box: OPEN IN DARKROOM ONLY
Dimensions :
Length 90 mm - Measured
Width 75 mm - Measured
Height 30 mm - Measured

Condition - status, conservation assessment, completeness

There are no events for this artefact.

Significance - association with expeditioners or expedition

Significance : Assemblage - Dark Room (definition) PRIMARY - Historic (definition) SECONDARY - Interpretive Potential (definition)
Expedition Association : AAE (definition)
Expeditioner Association : Hurley, James Francis (definition)

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