Automatic Weather Station (AWS) and Meteorological Data

This page contains information and data relating to meteorological observations on Australian Antarctic bases.

Current Observations

Station Last update Delay Air temp. Air press. Wind speed Wind dir. Accum. rain
Casey 24-Apr-2014 12:34:00 UTC up-to-date -7.1°C 993.2 hPa 11.0 kt 124°  
Davis 24-Apr-2014 12:35:00 UTC up-to-date -16.0°C 996.8 hPa 2.0 kt 335°  
Mawson 24-Apr-2014 03:45:00 UTC 530 minutes -21.0°C 1000.3 hPa 5.0 kt 41°  
Macquarie Island 24-Apr-2014 12:34:00 UTC up-to-date 8.4°C 993.0 hPa 18.0 kt 357° 679.2 mm

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More weather information is available on the AAD Station Weather page.