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Reference Godfrey, Ian., Absolon, Megan., Berry, Michelle., McCabe, Peter., Burdett, Ben., Henderson, Chris., London, David., Boyer, Peter. (2009) Mawson's Huts Foundation 2008-09 Heritage and Scientific Report
Area Cape Denison

Keywords Mawson's Huts, Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, Mawson's Huts Foundation, expedition
Notes This is an edited copy for publication on the Antarctic Heritage Register website. Operation reports and other information unrelated to the heritage program has been removed. For a complete copy of the report please contact the Mawson's Huts Foundation directly.
Abstract Report of the 2008-2009 Mawson's Huts Foundation Expedition to Cape Denison on behalf of the Australian Antarctic Division.
Bibliography Antarctic Artefacts ( 78 records compiled by Estelle Lazer, AAD ) -- Follow Link to view complete metadata record and additional custodial details.