Antarctic Taxa

Fauna Species within 1.0 degrees of the position

(Latitude 54° 37' 11.6" S Longitude 158° 51' 39.6" E )

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Any species that are protected are indicated by a *

Scientific NameAuthorityCommon Name   Observations
Achorutes viaticus Springtail Observations
Adineta vaga (Davis, 1873) Observations
Alaimus sp. Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Alepisaurus brevirostris Gibbs, 1960 Short snouted lancetfish Observations
Anas platyrhynchos Linnaeus,1758 Mallard Observations
Anas superciliosa Gmelin,1789 Pacific Black Duck Observations
Aphelenchoides sp. Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Aptenodytes patagonicus Miller,1778 King Penguin Observations
Arctocephalus gazella (Peters,1875) Antarctic Fur Seal * Observations
Artedidraconid larva Observations
Arthurdendyus vegrandis Winsor & Stevens, 2005 Free-living flatworm Observations
Bathylagus sp. Deepsea smelt Observations
Bdellidea macquariensis Mite Observations
Bdellidea watsoni Mite Observations
Calanoides acutus (Giesbrecht,1902) Observations
Calanus simillimus Giesbrecht, 1902 Observations
Candacia maxima Vervoort, 1957 Observations
Catharacta lonnbergi lonnbergi Subantarctic Skua (southern) Observations
Catharacta maccormicki (Saunders,1893) South Polar Skua Observations
Cephalobus sp. Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Cephalodella catellina (Müller, 1786) Observations
Cephalodella delicata Wulfert, 1937 Observations
Cephalodella forficula (Ehrenberg, 1832) Observations
Cephalodella gibba (Ehrenberg, 1832) Observations
Cephalodella megalocephala (Glascott, 1893) Observations
Cheyletiella parasitivorax Mite Observations
Colurella colurus compressa Observations
Cyclothone sp. Bristlemouth Observations
Daption capense (Linnaeus,1758) Cape Petrel Observations
Daption capense capense (Linnaeus,1758) Cape Petrel (southern) Observations
Dicranophorus permollis giganthea Observations
Diomedea epomophora Lesson,1825 Southern Royal Albatross * Observations
Diomedea exulans Linnaeus,1758 Wandering Albatross * Observations
Diomedea royal albatross sp. Royal Albatross sp. Observations
Dissostichus eleginoides Smitt, 1898 Patagonian toothfish * Observations
Dorylaimus carteri Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Dorylaimus sp. Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Electrona antarctica (Günther, 1878) Lantern fish Observations
Electrona carlsbergi (Tanning 1932) Lantern fish * Observations
Electrona subaspera (Gunther 1864) Lantern fish Observations
Enchytraeidae dolichhurus Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Epiphanes senta (O. F. Mueller, 1773) Observations
Erioptera pilipes Midge Observations
Eudyptes chrysocome (Forster,1781) Rockhopper Penguin * Observations
Eudyptes chrysocome filholi Rockhopper Penguin (eastern) * Observations
Eudyptes chrysolophus (Brandt,1837) Macaroni Penguin * Observations
Eudyptes schlegeli Finch,1876 Royal Penguin * Observations
Eukrohnia hamata (Möbius, 1875) Observations
Euphausia frigida Hansen, 1911 Observations
Euphausia triacantha Holt and Tattersall, 1906 Observations
Filinia terminalis (Plate, 1886) Observations
Fregetta grallaria grallaria (Vieilott, 1817) White-bellied Storm Petrel (Tasman Sea), White-bellied Storm-Petrel (Australasian) * Observations
Fregetta tropica (Gould,1844) Black-bellied Storm Petrel Observations
Fritillaria sp. Observations
Fulmarus glacialoides (Smith,1840) Southern Fulmar Observations
Gymnoscopelus bolini Andriashev, 1962 Lantern fish Observations
Gymnoscopelus braueri (Lönnberg, 1905) Lantern fish Observations
Gymnoscopelus hintonoides Hulley, 1981 Lantern fish Observations
Gymnoscopelus microlampas Hulley, 1981 Lantern fish Observations
Gymnoscopelus nicholsi (Gilbert 1911) Nichol's lanternfish Observations
Gymnoscopelus piabilis (Whitley, 1931) Lantern fish Observations
Gymnoscopelus sp. Lantern fish Observations
Habrotrocha sp. Observations
Haemodipsus ventricosus Sucking louse Observations
Halirytus macquariensis Observations
Halobaena caerulea (Gmelin,1789) Blue Petrel * Observations
Haloptilus oxycephalus (Giesbrecht,1889) Observations
Hydrurga leptonyx (Blainville,1820) Leopard Seal * Observations
Hyperiella dilatata Stebbing,1888 Observations
Ixodes auritulus Tick Observations
Ixodes pterodromae Tick Observations
Ixodes uriae Tick Observations
Kontikia andersoni Jones, 1981 Free-living flatworm Observations
Krefftichthys anderssoni (Lönnberg, 1905) Lantern fish Observations
Larus dominicanus Lichtenstein, 1823 Kelp Gull Observations
Lecane glyta Observations
Lepadella minuta (Montet, 1918) Observations
Lepadella patella (O. F. Muller, 1773) Observations
Lepadella triptera Observations
Lepidonotothen squamifrons Gunther Grey rockcod * Observations
Limacina retroversa (Lalli, 1972) Observations
Lindia torulosa Dujardin Observations
Listrophorus gibbus Mite Observations
Lugensa brevirostris (Lesson,1831) Kerguelen Petrel Observations
Lumbricillus macquariensis Earthworms Observations
Lumbricillus macquariensis Observations
Macronectes giganteus Gmelin,1789 Southern Giant Petrel * Observations
Macronectes halli Mathews,1912 Northern Giant Petrel * Observations
Macronectes spp. Giant-petrel sp. Observations
Macrotrachela concinna (Bryce, 1912) Observations
Macrotrachela sp. 2 Observations
Marionina antipodum Observations
Marionina werthi Observations
Maurolicus mulleri Observations
Microscolex macquariensis Observations
Minona amnica Ball & Hay, 1977 Free-living flatworm Observations
Monhystera filiformis? Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Monhystera sp. Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Monhystera vulgaris de Man, 1880 Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Monommata sp. Observations
Nanorchestes bellus Strandtmann & Somme, 1977 Observations
Neophrynichthys magnicirrus Nelson, 1977 Observations
Neopymephorus arvorum Mite Observations
Neopymephorus pannonicus Mite Observations
Neopymephorus sellnicki Mite Observations
Neopymephorus togatus Mite Observations
Neopymephorus tripartitus Mite Observations
Notholca jugosa (Gosse, 1887) Observations
Notiopsylla enciari Flea Observations
Notiopsylla kerguelensis Flea Observations
Notommata glyphura Wulfert, 1935 Observations
Notothenia rossii Richardson, 1844 Marbled Rockcod * Observations
Oceanites oceanicus (Kuhl,1820) Wilson's Storm Petrel Observations
Oikopleura sp. Observations
Oithona similis Claus, 1866 Observations
Oncaea sp. Observations
Orcinus orca Linnaeus,1758 Killer Whale * Observations
Pachyptila belcheri (Mathews,1912) Slender-billed Prion Observations
Pachyptila crassirostris eatoni Fulmar Prion (southern) Observations
Pachyptila desolata (Gmelin,1789) Antarctic Prion Observations
Pachyptila salvini (Mathews,1912) Salvin's Prion Observations
Pachyptila spp. Prion sp. Observations
Pachyptila turtur (Kuhl,1820) Fairy Prion Observations
Paradiplospinus gracilis Brauer Snake mackerel Observations
Paranotothenia magellanica Forster, 1801 Magellanic Rockcod Observations
Parapsyllus cardinis Flea Observations
Parapsyllus magellanicus heardi Flea Observations
Passalurus ambiguus (Rudolphi, 1819) Unsegmented roundworm or Observations
Pelecanoides spp. Diving Petrel sp. Observations
Pelecanoides urinatrix (Gmelin,1789) Common Diving-Petrel Observations
Phalacrocorax atriceps King, 1828 Imperial Shag Observations
Philodina sp. 1 Observations
Philodina sp. 2 Observations
Phoebetria palpebrata Forster,1785 Light-mantled Sooty Albatross * Observations
Plectus cirratus Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Pleuromamma robusta (F.Dahl, 1893) Observations
Polyarthra sp. Observations
Primno macropa Guerin-Meneville, 1836 Observations
Procellaria aequinoctialis Linnaeus,1758 White-chinned Petrel * Observations
Procellaria cinerea Gmelin,1789 Grey Petrel * Observations
Protomyctophum bolini (Fraser-Brunner, 1949) Lanternfish Observations
Protomyctophum parallelum (Lönnberg, 1905) Lanternfish Observations
Protomyctophum sp. Lanternfish Observations
Pterodroma inexpectata (Forster,1844) Mottled Petrel Observations
Pterodroma lessonii (Garnot,1826) White-headed Petrel Observations
Pterodroma mollis (Gould,1844) Soft-plumaged Petrel * Observations
Ptygura crystallina (Ehrenberg, 1834) Observations
Puffinus gravis (O'Reilly,1818) Great Shearwater Observations
Puffinus griseus (Gmelin,1789) Sooty Shearwater Observations
Puffinus spp. shearwater sp. Observations
Puffinus tenuirostris (Temminck,1835) Short-tailed Shearwater Observations
Pygoscelis papua (Forster,1781) Gentoo Penguin * Observations
Resticula nyssa Harring & Myers, 1924 Observations
Rhabditis sp. Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Rhincalanus gigas Brady, 1883 Observations
Rhinoglena frontalis Ehrenberg Observations
Rotaria rotatoria (Pallas, 1766) Observations
Sagitta gazellae Ritter-Zahony 1909 Observations
Salpa thompsoni Foxton 1961 Observations
Spilopsyllus cuniculi Haliday European rabbit flea Observations
Sterna paradisaea Pontoppidan,1763 Arctic Tern * Observations
Stomias gracilis Garman Observations
Teratocephalus terrestris Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Thalassarche bulleri Rothschild, 1893 Buller's Albatross * Observations
Thalassarche cauta (Gould, 1841) Shy Albatross * Observations
Thalassarche chrysostoma Forster,1785 Grey-headed Albatross * Observations
Thalassarche melanophrys Temminck, 1828 Black-browed Albatross * Observations
Thalassarche salvini (Rothschild, 1893) Salvin's Albatross * Observations
Thalassoica antarctica (Gmelin,1789) Antarctic Petrel Observations
Themisto gaudichaudi Guerin,1825 Observations
Thysanoessa macrura G.O Sars, 1883 Observations
Tomopteris sp. Observations
Tribolium confusum Jaquelin Du Val, 1868 confused flower beetle Observations
Trichocerca brachyura (Gosse, 1851) Observations
Trichocerca rattus (Müller, 1776) Observations
Trichocerca tigris (Müller, 1786) Observations
Trichostrongylus retortaeformis Unsegmented roundworm or "hair worm". Observations
Tylenchus sp. Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Wierzejeskiella sp. Observations
X sp. Observations
Zanclorhynchus spinifer Gunther Horsefish Observations

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