Antarctic Taxa

Fauna Species within 1.0 degrees of the position

(Latitude 66° 03' 00.0" S Longitude 101° 08' 00.0" E )

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Any species that are protected are indicated by a *

Scientific NameAuthorityCommon Name   Observations
Acanthocyclops mirnyi Borutsky & Vinogradov, 1957 Observations
Acanthocyclops mirnyi Borutzky & Vinogradov, 1957 Observations
Adineta gracilis Janson, 1893 Observations
Adineta sp. Observations
Aptenodytes forsteri Gray, 1844 Emperor Penguin Observations
Bdelloidea ? Observations
Catharacta maccormicki (Saunders,1893) South Polar Skua Observations
Cnemidocarpa zenkevitchii Observations
Daption capense (Linnaeus,1758) Cape Petrel Observations
Epiphanes senta (O. F. Mueller, 1773) Observations
Fulmarus glacialoides (Smith,1840) Southern Fulmar Observations
Gladioferens antarcticus Bayly, 1994 Observations
Habrotrocha sp. Observations
Helicotylenchus sp. Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Hydrurga leptonyx (Blainville,1820) Leopard Seal * Observations
Hypsibius ? Observations
Hypsibius mertoni simoizumi Observations
Hypsibius sp. 1 Observations
Hypsibius sp. 2 Observations
Lepadella patella (O. F. Muller, 1773) Observations
Macrobiotus hufelandi Schultze, 1834 Water bear Observations
Macrobiotus sp. Water bear Observations
Macronectes giganteus Gmelin,1789 Southern Giant Petrel * Observations
Macronectes spp. Giant-petrel sp. Observations
Nanorchestes antarcticus Strandtmann. 1963 Mite Observations
Notholca verae Kutikova, 1958 Observations
Pagodroma nivea (Forster,1777) Snow Petrel Observations
Paralabidocera separablis Observations
Paralabidocera seperabalis Brodsky & Zvereva Observations
Philodina alata Murray, 1910 Observations
Philodina gregaria Murray, 1910 Observations
Philodina sp. Observations
Plectus antarcticus De Man, 1904 Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Plectus antarcticus de Man, 1904 Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Plectus frigophilus Kiryanova, 1958 Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Plectus globilabiatus Andrassy, 1963 Observations
Proales reinhardti (Ehrenberg) Observations
Pseudoechiniscus sp. Observations
Pygoscelis adeliae (Hombron and Jacquinot,1841) Adelie Penguin Observations
Rhinoglena fertoensis Varga, 1929 Observations

For additional taxa, see the Search Taxonomy page of Antarctic Biodiversity.