Antarctic Taxa

Flora Species within 1.0 degrees of the position

(Latitude 69° 12' 00.0" S Longitude 39° 47' 00.0" E )

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Scientific NameAuthorityCommon Name Observations
Binuclearia tatrana Wittrock 1886 Observations
Bryum amblyodon Observations
Bryum antarcticum Observations
Bryum argenteum Hedw. Observations
Bryum inconnexum Observations
Bryum korotkevicziae Observations
Bryum ongulense Observations
Bryum pallescens Schleich. ex Schwaegr. Observations
Bryum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) Gaertn., Meyer & Scherb. Observations
Bryum sp. Observations
Bryum urbanskyi Broth. Observations
Ceratodon purpureus Dixon, 1914 Observations
Ceratodon purpureus f. lingulatus (Hedw.) Brid. Observations
Chlamydomonas agloÙformis Pascher 1927 Observations
Chlamydomonas sp. Observations
Chlorella sp. Observations
Chlorella vulgaris Beijerinck 1890/? Observations
Chloromonas sp. Observations
Chrysococcus antarcticus Observations
Coscinodon lawianus (Willis) Ochyra Observations
Cosmarium bioculatum var. depressum (Schaarschmidt) Schmidle 1894 Observations
Cosmarium clepsydra Nordstedt 1870 Observations
Cosmarium clepsydra var. depressum Hirano 1979 Observations
Cosmarium clepsydra var. dissimile (Raciboski) Krieger et Gerloff 1965 Observations
Cosmarium clepsydra var. granulatum Hirano 1979 Observations
Cosmarium clepsydra var. undulatum Hirano 1979 Observations
Cosmarium sp. Observations
Cosmarium subcrenatum Hantzsch in Rabenhorst 1861 Observations
Cosmarium yukidoriense Hirano 1979 Observations
Dicranella sp. Observations
Dictyosphaerium elegans Bachmann 1913 Observations
Dictyosphaerium sp. Observations
Dunaliella sp. Observations
Gonatozygon sp. Observations
Grimmia lawiana Observations
Grimmia plagiopodia Hedw. Observations
Hennediella antarctica (aengstr.) Ochyra & Matteri Observations
Hennediella heimii (Hedwig) RH Zander Observations
Hormidiopsis crenulata (Kitzing) Heering 1914 Observations
Hormidium sp. Observations
Kentrosphaera bristolae G.M. Smith 1933/? Observations
Kentrosphaera sp. Observations
Klebsormidium sp. Observations
Koliella sp. Observations
Leptobryum pyriforme (Hedw.) Wilson Observations
Leptobryum wilsonii (Mitt.) Broth. Observations
Microspora stagnorum (Kitzing) Lagerheim 1887/? Observations
Myrmecia sp. Observations
Oedogonium sp. Observations
Palmodictyon viride Kitzing 1845 Observations
Penium sp. Observations
Pleurococcus antarcticus W. et G.S. West 1911 em. Fritsch 1912 Observations
Pleurococcus antarcticus f. robusta W. et G.S. West 1911 Observations
Pottia austro-georgica Observations
Pottia heimii Observations
Prasiola crispa subsp. antarctica (Kitzing) Knebel 1936 Observations
Prasiola sp. Observations
Radiofilum flavescens G.S. West 1899 Observations
Raphidonema nivale Lagerh. Observations
Raphidonema pyrenoidifera Korsikov 1953 Observations
Raphidonema sp. Observations
Scotiella nivalis (Shuttlleworth) Frisch 1912 Observations
Sphaerocystis schroeteri f. nivalis Fritsch 1912 Observations
Staurastrum sp. Observations
Stichococcus bacillaris Nõgeli 1849 Observations
Stichococcus exiguus Gerneck 1907 Observations
Stichococcus sp. Observations
Ulothrix sp. Observations
Ulothrix tenerrima (Kitz.) Kitz. Observations

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