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Kingdom Bacteria
Phylum Cyanobacteria
Class Cyanophyceae
Order Chroococcales
Family Merismopediaceae
Genus Aphanocapsa

List of Individual Species - see Taxon profile using the name of the taxa.

Aphanocapsa delicatissima West & West
Aphanocapsa elachista W. & G.S. West
Aphanocapsa elachista var. irregularis Boye-Petersen 1923
Aphanocapsa endolithica Ercegovic 1925 Synonym
Aphanocapsa grevillei (Berkeley) Rabenhorst 1865
Aphanocapsa marina Hansgirg 1890
Aphanocapsa montana Cramer in Wartmann et Schenk 1862 Synonym
Aphanocapsa muscicola (Menegh.) Wille
Aphanocapsa parasitica (Kitzing) Kom. & Anagn.
Aphanocapsa parasitica var. glacialis (Fritsch) nov. comb.
Aphanocapsa parietina Nõgeli 1849
Aphanocapsa rivularis (Carmichael) Rabenhorst 1865
Aphanocapsa sp.
Aphanocapsa sp./?