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Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Bryophyta
Class Bryopsida
Order Bryales
Family Bartramiaceae
Genus Bartramia

List of Individual Species - see Taxon profile using the name of the taxa.

Bartramia ambigua Mont.
Bartramia angustifolia
Bartramia aristata Schimp. ex. C. Muell.
Bartramia cf. patens
Bartramia diminutiva
Bartramia halleriana
Bartramia halleriana var. brachydonta Hedw.; Kab.
Bartramia hampeana
Bartramia ithyphylla
Bartramia leptophylla Card. & Broth.
Bartramia leucocolea Card.
Bartramia leucocolea var. brevifolia Card.; Broth. & Card.
Bartramia leucocolea var. glaucoflava Card.; Broth. & Card.
Bartramia leucolomacea C. Muell.
Bartramia mathewsii Brid.
Bartramia mossmaniana Muell. Hal.
Bartramia oreadella
Bartramia oreadella var. microphylla C. Muell.; Card.
Bartramia papillata
Bartramia patens Brid.
Bartramia patens var. arenae Brid.; Card.
Bartramia patens var. papillata Brid.; (Hook. f. & Wils.) Zant.
Bartramia patens var. patens Brid.
Bartramia patens var. robusta Brid.; (Hook. f & Wils.) Matteri
Bartramia pycnocolea C. Muell.
Bartramia robusta Hook. Fil. et Wils.
Bartramia sobrina Card.
Bartramia sobrina var. minor Card.
Bartramia sp.
Bartramia stricta Brid.
Bartramia subsymmetricum (Card.) Card.