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Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Collembola
Order Poduromorpha
Family Onychiuridae

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Genus Dinaphorura
Dinaphorura kerguelensis Deharveng, 1981
Genus Mesaphorura
Mesaphorura macrochaeta Rusek, 1976
Genus Onychiurus
Onychiurus spp.
Genus Protaphorura
Protaphorura fimetata (Gisin, 1952)
Protaphorura sp.
Genus Tillieria
Tillieria penai* Weiner & Najt, 1994
Genus Tullbergia
Tullbergia antarctica Lubbock, 1876 Springtail
Tullbergia bisetosa Borner, 1903 or 2 Springtail
Tullbergia crozetensis Deharveng, 1981
Tullbergia maxima Deharveng, 1981
Tullbergia mediantarctica Wise, 1967 Springtail
Tullbergia mixta Wahlgren, 1906 Springtail
Tullbergia templei Wise, 1967 or 70 Springtail