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Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Malacostraca
Order Cumacea

List of all species - see Taxon profile using the number

Family ?
Makrokylinus sp.
Family Bodotriidae
Cyclaspis cristatula
Cyclaspis gigas Zimmer, 1907
Vaunthompsonia inermis Zimmer, 1909
Family Diastylidae
Diastylis anderssoni Zimmer, 1907
Diastylis corniculata Hale, 1937
Diastylis inornata Hale, 1937
Diastylis mawsoni Calman, 1918
Diastylis sp MoV 2396
Diastylopsis goekei Roccatagliata & Heard, 1992
Leptostylis crassicauda Zimmer, 1907
Family Lampropidae
Paralamprops rossi Jones, 1971
Paralamprops sp MoV 2384
Family Leuconidae
Eudorella garcilior Zimmer
Eudorella gracilior Zimmer, 1907
Leucon antarcticus Zimmer 1907
Leucon assimilis Sars, 1886
Leucon intermedius M├╝hlenhardt-Siegel, 1996
Leucon sagitta Zimmer, 1907
Leucon sp MoV 2405
Leucon weddelli Ledoyer, 1993
Family Nannastacidae
Campylaspis antarctica Calman, 1907
Campylaspis johnstoni Hale, 1937
Campylaspis maculata Zimmer, 1907
Campylaspis quadridentata Ledoyer, 1993
Cumella australis Calman, 1907
Procampylaspis poorei Petrescu, 2006
Procampylaspis sp MoV 2391