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Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Malacostraca
Order Decapoda

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Family Campylonotidae
Acanthephyra pelagica (Risso 1816)
Hymenodora gracilis Smith 1886
Family Crangonidae
Notocrangon antarcticus (Pfeffer, 1887)
Family Glypheidae
Glyphea alexandri
Glyphea georgiensis
Family Hippolytidae
Chorismus antarcticus (Pfeffer, 1887) Shrimp
Lebbus antarcticus (Hale 1941)
Family Lithodidae
Lithodes murrayi Henderson, 1888 Subantarctic stone crab
Lithodes spp King crabs
Lithodidae sp. King and stone crabs
Paralithodes spp King crab
Paralomis aculeata Red stone crab
Paralomis formosa Henderson, 1888
Paralomis granulosa (Jacquinot, 1847)
Paralomis spectabilis Hansen 1908
Paralomis spinosissima Birstein & Vinogradov, 1972 Antarctic king crab
Paralomis spp Crabs
Family Nematocarcinidae
Nematocarcinus lanceopes Bate 1888
Nematocarcinus longirostris Bate 1888
Nematocarcinus sp.
Family Not assigned to a family
Palaeastacus foersteri
Protocallianassa antarctica
Family Oplophoridae
Acanthephyra haeckeli
Acanthephyra spp.
Notostomus spp. deepsea shrimp
Oplophoridae sp. oplophorid shrimps
Family Pasiphaeidae
Pasiphaea longispina Lenz and Strunk 1914
Pasiphaea scotia (Stebbing 1914)
Pasiphaea scotiae (Stebbing, 1914)
Family Sergestidae
Petalidium foliaceum Bate 1888