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Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Perciformes
Family Harpagiferidae

List of all species - see Taxon profile using the number

Genus Artedidraco
Artedidraco lonnebergi
Artedidraco mirus Lönnberg, 1905 Plunderfish
Artedidraco orianae Regan, 1914
Artedidraco shackletoni Waite, 1911
Artedidraco skottsbergi Lönnberg, 1905
Artedidraco sp. Plunderfishes
Genus Artedidraconid
Artedidraconid larva
Genus Artedidraconidae
Artedidraconidae sp.
Genus Dolloidraco
Dolloidraco longedorsalis Roule, 1913
Genus Harpagifer
Harpagifer antarcticus Nybelin, 1947 Antarctic spiny plunderfish
Harpagifer georgianus georgianus South Georgia spiny plunderfish
Genus Histiodraco
Histiodraco velifer (Regan, 1914)
Genus Pogonophryne
Pogonophryne barsukovi Andriashev, 1967
Pogonophryne marmorata Norman, 1938 Marbled plunderfish
Pogonophryne permitini Andriashev, 1967 Plunder fish
Pogonophryne phyllopogon Andriashev, 1967
Pogonophryne scotti Regan, 1914
Pogonophryne sp. Plunderfish
Pogonophryne ventrimaculata Eakin, 1987