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Kingdom Bacteria
Phylum Cyanobacteria
Class Cyanophyceae
Order Nostocales
Family Nostocaceae

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Genus Amorphonostoc
Amorphonostoc paludosum (Kitzing) Elenkin 1938 Synonym
Genus Amorphonstoc
Amorphonstoc paludosum
Genus Anabaena
Anabaena aequalis Borge 1906
Anabaena antarctica Fritsch 1912 Synonym
Anabaena cf. constricta (Szafer) Geitl.
Anabaena constricta (Szafer) Geitler 1925
Anabaena cylindrica Lemmermann 1896
Anabaena oscillatorioides var. kasumensis Fukushima 1968
Anabaena sp.
Genus Isocystis
Isocystis pallida Woronichin 1927 Synonym
Genus Nodularia
Nodularia harveyana Thuret
Nodularia harveyana var. sphaerocarpa (Bornet et Flahult) Elenkin 1916
Nodularia quadrata Fritsch 1912
Nodularia sp.
Nodularia spumigena Mertensen in J³rgens 1822
Nodularia spumigena var. minor Fritsch 1912
Genus Nostoc
Nostoc antarctica W. et G.S. West 1911
Nostoc borneti Gain 1911
Nostoc cf. punctiforme (Kuetz.) Hariot
Nostoc commune
Nostoc cuticolare f. polymorphum (Kukk) Kondratieva 1968
Nostoc disciforme Fritsch 1912
Nostoc fuscescens Fritsch 1912
Nostoc fuscescens var. mixta Fritsch 1917
Nostoc hederulae Meneghini 1849 Synonym
Nostoc hydrocoleoides Reinsch 1877
Nostoc kilmani Lemmermann 1900
Nostoc linckia Roth ex Bornet et Flahult 1880
Nostoc longstaffi Fritsch 1912
Nostoc microscopicum Carmichel sec. Harvey, in Hook 1833/?
Nostoc minutum Desmazieres 1831
Nostoc pachidermaticum Gain 1912
Nostoc paludosum Kitzing
Nostoc piscinale Kitzing 1843
Nostoc pruniforme Agardh 1812
Nostoc punctiforme (Kitzing) Hariot 1891/?
Nostoc sphaericum Vaucher 1803/?
Nostoc verrucosum Vaucher 1803
Genus Pseudanabaena
Pseudanabaena sp.
Genus Stratonostoc
Stratonostoc linckia (Roth) Elenkin 1938 Synonym
Genus Trichormus
Trichormus antarcticus (Fritsch) Komßrek et Anagnostidis 1989