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Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Ascomycota
Class Lecanoromycetes
Order Peltigerales

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Family Coccocarpiaceae
Steinera sorediata P. James & Henssen
Family Collemataceae
Leptogium cf. menziesii
Leptogium cf. puberulum
Leptogium crispatellum Nyl.
Leptogium menziesii Mont.
Leptogium puberulum Hue
Leptogium puberulum/cyanobacterium
Leptogium saturninum (Dickson) Nyl.
Leptogium sp.
Leptogium tasmanicum F. Wilson
Family Lobariaceae
Lobaria cf. pseudopulmonaria Gyelnik
Pseudocyphellaria cf. condensata (Zahlbr.) D.Galloway & P.James
Family Nephromataceae
Nephroma cf. bellum (Spreng.) Tuck.
Nephroma cf. parile (Ach.) Ach.
Nephroma cf. resupinatum (L.) Ach.
Family Pannariaceae
Degelia sp.
Psoroma asperellum Nyl.
Psoroma sp.
Family Peltigeraceae
Peltigera cf. aphthosa (L.) Willd.
Peltigera cf. leucophlebia (Nyl.) Gyelnik
Peltigera cf. malacea (Ach.) Funck
Peltigera kerguelensis Dodge
Family Placynthiaceae
Hertella subantarctica Henssen