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Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Bryophyta
Class Bryopsida
Order Grimmiales

List of all species - see Taxon profile using the number

Family Grimmiaceae
Bucklandiella crispula (Hook. f. & Wilson) Benarek-Ochyra & Ochyra
Bucklandiella orthotrichacea (Muell. Hal.) Bednarek-Ochyra & Ochyra
Bucklandiella pachydictyon (Cardot) Bednarek-Ochyra & Ochyra
Bucklandiella subsecunda (Hook. & Grev.) Bednarek-Ochyra & Ochyra
Bucklandiella sudetica (Funck) Bednarek-Ochyra & Ochyra
Coscinodon cf. reflexidens (Muell.Hal.) Ochyra
Coscinodon cribrosus
Coscinodon hartzii C.E.O. Jensen
Coscinodon lawianus (Willis) Ochyra
Dryptodon austropatens C. Muell.
Dryptodon fuscoluteus (Hook.) Ochyra et Zarnowiec
Dryptodon orthotrichaceum C. Muell.
Dryptodon zygodontalis C. Muell.
Grimmia affinis
Grimmia afro-incurva
Grimmia anodon B.S.G.
Grimmia antarctici Cardot
Grimmia antarctici/Tortula sp.
Grimmia argentea R. Br. ter.
Grimmia australasica Mitt.
Grimmia austrofunalis Muell. Hal.
Grimmia austro-funalis
Grimmia boissierei Card. & Ther.
Grimmia boissieri Card et Th¿r.
Grimmia cf. anodon
Grimmia cf. donniana
Grimmia cf. grisea
Grimmia cf. lawiana
Grimmia cf. reflexidens
Grimmia cf. syntrichiacea
Grimmia cyathocarpa (Hamp.) Mitt.
Grimmia doniana f. antarctica
Grimmia donniana
Grimmia elongata Kaulf.
Grimmia grisea Card.
Grimmia humilis Mitt.
Grimmia immerso-leucophaea
Grimmia incrassicapsulis B.G.Bell
Grimmia kerguelensis Card.
Grimmia kidderi Jam.
Grimmia laevigata
Grimmia lawiana
Grimmia lisae De No.
Grimmia nordenskioldii Card.
Grimmia ochracea C. Muell.
Grimmia orbicularis Bruch.
Grimmia ovata
Grimmia plagiopodia Hedw.
Grimmia plagiopodia var. antarctica Hedw.
Grimmia praemorsa (C. Muell.) Par.
Grimmia pulvinata
Grimmia pulvinatula C. Muell.
Grimmia reflexidens Mull. Hal.
Grimmia rigens Wils.
Grimmia sp.
Grimmia stolonifera C.Muell.
Grimmia stylostegia C. Muell.
Grimmia tortuosa Hook. f. & Wils.
Grimmia trichophylla Grev.
Grimmia trinervis R.S. Williams
Guembelia longirostris (Hook.) Ochyra et Zarnowiec
Guembelia tenuicaulis Hamp.
Niphotrichum muticum (Kindb. in Macoun) Bednarek-Ochyra & Ochyra
Orthogrimmia sessitana (De Not.) Ochyra & Zarnowiec
Racomitrium aciculare
Racomitrium aquaticum
Racomitrium austro-georgicum
Racomitrium bartramii (Roiv.) H. Rob.
Racomitrium breutelioides Dix.
Racomitrium canescens (Hedw.) Brid.
Racomitrium canescens ssp. canescens (Hedw.) Brid.
Racomitrium cf. lanuginosum
Racomitrium cf. sudeticum
Racomitrium crispulum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Hook.f. & Wilson
Racomitrium crispulum (Hook.f. et Wilson) Hook.f. et Wilson
Racomitrium crispulum var. crispulum (Hook.f. et Wilson) Hook.f. et Wilson
Racomitrium crispulum var. rupestre (Hook. f. & Wils.) Hook. f. & Wils.; (Hook. f. & Wils.) Dix.
Racomitrium curiosissimum
Racomitrium decurrens Dix.
Racomitrium didymum (Mont.) Lor.
Racomitrium elongatum
Racomitrium fasciculare
Racomitrium geminatum Roiv.
Racomitrium gracillimum Dix.
Racomitrium heterostichoides
Racomitrium heterostichum (Hedw.) Brid.
Racomitrium lamprocarpum
Racomitrium lanuginosum (Hedw.) Brid.
Racomitrium lanuginosum
Racomitrium lanuginosum ssp. geronticum (Hedw.) Brid.; (C. Muell.) Vitt. & C. Marsh
Racomitrium lanuginosum var. pruinosum (Hedw.) Brid.; Wils.
Racomitrium microcarpon
Racomitrium microcarpum (Hedw.) Brid.
Racomitrium microcarpum f. papillosum (Hedw.) Brid.; Roiv.
Racomitrium orthotrichaceum (C. Muell.) Par.
Racomitrium pachydictyon
Racomitrium pachydictyon f. gracilior Card.
Racomitrium pruinosum (Wilson) Müll. Hal.
Racomitrium ptychophyllum (Mitt.) Mitt.
Racomitrium sp.
Racomitrium stenocladoides Roiv.
Racomitrium striatipilum Card.
Racomitrium subrupestre Roiv.
Racomitrium subsecundum
Racomitrium sudeticum
Racomitrium symphyodon Mitt.
Racomitrium willii
Rhacomitrium crispulum Hook. Fils. & Wils.
Rhacomitrium fuscoluteum Card.
Rhacomitrium hypnoides (L.) Lindb.
Rhacomitrium lanuginosum (Hedw.)Brid.
Rhacomitrium orthotrichaceum C. Müll.
Rhacomitrium rupestre Hook. Fil. et Wils.
Schistidium absconditum (Card.) Ochyra
Schistidium alpicola (Hedw.) Limpr.
Schistidium amblyophyllum (C. Muell.) Ochyra & Hertel
Schistidium andinum (Mitt.) Ochyra
Schistidium antarctici (Card.) L. Savic. & Smirn.
Schistidium antarctici/Grimmia lawiana
Schistidium antarcticum (Card.) L.I.Savicz & Smirnova
Schistidium apocarpum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp.
Schistidium apocarpum ssp. gracile (Hedw.) B.S.G.; (Roehl.) Meyl.
Schistidium cf. apocarpum
Schistidium cf. celatum
Schistidium cf. chrysoneurum
Schistidium cf. cupulare
Schistidium cf. rivulare
Schistidium cf. syntrichiaceum
Schistidium chrysoneurum (C. Muell.) Ochyra
Schistidium cupulare (Muell. Hal.) Ochyra
Schistidium deceptionense Ochyra, Bednarek-Ochyra & Lewis Smith
Schistidium falcatum (Hook. Fils. & Wils.) Zant.
Schistidium fasciculatum Dus.
Schistidium halinae Ochyra
Schistidium hyalino-cuspidatum
Schistidium leptoneurum Ochyra
Schistidium lewis-smithii Ochyra
Schistidium lorentzianum (C. Muell.) Ochyra & Matteri
Schistidium macrotylum (Card. & Broth.) Ochyra
Schistidium maritimum (Turn.) B.S.G.
Schistidium occultum (Muell. Hal.) Ochyra & Matteri
Schistidium perichaetiale
Schistidium pulvinatum Hedw.
Schistidium rivulare
Schistidium rivulare var. subflexifolium
Schistidium saxatile Mitt.
Schistidium scabripes (Bartr.) Deguchi
Schistidium serrato-mucronatum (C. Muell.) Ochyra
Schistidium sp.
Schistidium stylostegium (C. Müll.) Zant.
Schistidium syntrichiaceum (C. Muell.) B.G. Bell
Schistidium urnulaceum (C. Muell.) B.G. Bell
Scouleria aquatica
Family Ptychomitriaceae
Ptychomitrium australe (Hampe) A. Jaeger
Ptychomitrium crispatum
Ptychomitrium fauriei
Ptychomitrium fernandesianum Mitt.
Family Scouleriaceae
Scouleria lamprocarpa Wils.
Scouleria patagonica (Mitt.) Jaeg.
Tridontium tasmanicum Hook.f.