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Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Chlorophyta
Class Chlorophyceae
Order Tetrasporales
Family Palmellaceae

List of all species - see Taxon profile using the number

Genus Borodinella
Borodinella polytetras Miller 1927
Genus Bracteacoccus
Bracteacoccus irregularis (J.B. Petersen) Starr 1955 Synonym
Bracteacoccus minor (Chodat) Petrova 1931/?
Bracteacoccus minor var. glacialis Flint in Kol et Flint 1968
Genus Chlorosarcina
Chlorosarcina consociata (Klebs) G.M. Smith
Chlorosarcina sp.
Chlorosarcina sp./?
Genus Chlorosphaera
Chlorosphaera antarctica Fritsch 1912 Synonym
Chlorosphaera kerguelensis Wille 1924
Chlorosphaera sp.
Genus Dictyococcus
Dictyococcus irregularis J.B. Petersen 1932 Synonym
Dictyococcus varians Gerneck 1907 em. Starr 1955
Genus Hormotila
Hormotila blennista Trainor et Hilton 1964
Genus Lobococcus
Lobococcus sp./?
Genus Myrmecia
Myrmecia bisecta Reisigl 1964
Myrmecia irregularis (J.B. Petersen) Ettl et G├Ártner 1995
Myrmecia sp.
Genus Neochloris
Neochloris aquatica Starr 1955
Neochloris sp.
Genus Palmella
Palmella sp.
Palmella texensis Groover et Bold 1969/?
Genus Sphaerocystis
Sphaerocystis schroeteri f. nivalis Fritsch 1912
Genus Trebouxia
Trebouxia sp.