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Kingdom Protozoa
Phylum Ciliophora
Class Ciliatea
Order Oligotrichida

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Family Codonellopsidae
Codonellopsis gaussi (Laackmann, 1907) Laackmann, 1910
Codonellopsis glacialis (Laackmann, 1907) Kofoid & Campbell, 1929
Family Dictyocystidae
Dictyocysta cf elegans
Dictyocysta cf mitra
Dictyocysta sp.
Family Halteriidae
Halteria grandinella (Mueller, 1773) Single celled animals
Family Strobilididae
Strobilidium sp.
Strombilidium sp.
Family Strombidiidae
Laboea sp.
Laboea strobila Lohmann 1908
Spirostrombidium pseudocinctum nov. comb. (Wang, 1934)
Spirostrombidium rhyticollare nov. comb. (Corliss & Snyder, 1986)
Strombidium antarcticum (Busch, 1930) Kahl, 1932
Strombidium compressum (Leegaard, 1915)
Strombidium conicoides (Leegaard, 1915) Kahl, 1932
Strombidium conicum (Lohmann, 1908) Wulff, 1919.
Strombidium crassulum (Leegaard, 1915) Kahl, 1932
Strombidium diversum Busch, 1930
Strombidium emergens (Leegaard, 1915) Kahl, 1932
Strombidium glaciale nov. spec.
Strombidium kryale Petz, 1994
Strombidium kryalis nov. spec
Strombidium sp.
Strombidium sp. 1
Strombidium sp. 2
Tontonia antarctica nov. spec.
Family Unknown
Halteria sp.