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Kingdom Protozoa
Phylum Ciliophora
Class Litostomatea
Order Pleurostomatida

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Family Amphileptidae
Kentrophyllum antarcticum nov. gen., nov. spec.
Kentrophyllum sp.
Family Litonotidae
Acineria uncinata Tucolesco, 1962
Kentrophyllum antarcticum Petz, Song & Wilbert, 1995
Litonotus antarcticus Song & Wilbert, 2002
Litonotus emmerichi Petz, Song & Wilbert, 1995
Litonotus kopimorphus Petz, Song & Wilbert, 1995
Litonotus lamella (Müller) Foissner, Berger, Blatterer & Kohmann, 1995
Loxophyllum rostratum Cohn, 1866