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Genus Asterocystis
Asterocystis antarctica W. West et G.S. West 1911
Asterocystis ornata (Agardh) Hamel 1924
Genus Chlamypodium
Chlamypodium sp.
Genus Chlorormidium
Chlorormidium flaccidum (Kitzing) Fott 1960 Synonym
Chlorormidium mucosum Boye-Petersen 1915 Synonym
Chlorormidium sp.
Genus Collodyction
Collodyction sp.
Genus Denticulopsis
Denticulopsis hustedtii (Simonsen et Kanaya) Simonsen 1979
Denticulopsis sp.
Genus Elliptochliris
Elliptochliris subsphaerica var. antarctica (Broady) nov. comb.
Genus Goniaulax
Goniaulax sp.
Goniaulax tamarensis Lebour 1925/?
Genus Hammatoidea
Hammatoidea normanni W. et G.S. West 1897
Hammatoidea sp.
Genus Hormatonema
Hormatonema sp.
Genus Hormotilia
Hormotilia sp.
Hormotilia sp./?
Genus Monoraphydium
Monoraphydium sp.
Genus Prosckhinia
Prosckhinia complanatoides (Hustedt ex Simonsen) D.G. Mann 1990
Genus Psyochia
Psyochia sp.?
Genus Rhodomanas
Rhodomanas lacustris (Pascher et Ruttner) Butcher 1967 Synonym
Genus Setoceruca
Setoceruca georgiana (Schaff., 1891)