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Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Collembola
Order Entomobryomorpha
Family Isotomidae
Genus Cryptopygus

List of Individual Species - see Taxon profile using the name of the taxa.

Cryptopygus antarcticus antarcticus Willem, 1901.
Cryptopygus antarcticus maximus Willem, 1901.
Cryptopygus antarcticus reagens Willem, 1901.
Cryptopygus antarcticus travei Willem, 1901.
Cryptopygus badasa Greenslade, 1985
Cryptopygus binoculatus Deharveng, 1981
Cryptopygus caecus Wahlgren, 1906 Springtail
Cryptopygus campbellensis Wise, 1964
Cryptopygus cisantarcticus Wise, 1967 Springtail
Cryptopygus decemoculatus (Salmon, 1949)
Cryptopygus dubius Deharveng, 1981
Cryptopygus lawrencei Deharveng, 1981
Cryptopygus nanjiensis Qiao-yun & Tamura, 2001
Cryptopygus novaezealandiae (Salmon, 1943)
Cryptopygus quadrioculatus (Wise, 1970)
Cryptopygus subantarcticus Wise, 1970
Cryptopygus sverdrupi Lawrence, 1978 Springtail
Cryptopygus tricuspis Enderlein, 1909