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Kingdom Chromista
Phylum Ochrophyta
Class Diatomophyceae/Bacillariophyceae
Order Centrales
Family Thalassiosiraceae
Genus Thalassiosira

List of Individual Species - see Taxon profile using the name of the taxa.

Thalassiosira ambigua Kozlova, 1962
Thalassiosira australis Perag., 1921
Thalassiosira cf. ambigua
Thalassiosira cf. australis
Thalassiosira cf. gracilis var. gracilis
Thalassiosira cf. maculata
Thalassiosira dichotomica (Kozlova) Fyxnell & Hasle, 1983
Thalassiosira eccentrica (Ehrenb.) Cleve, 1904
Thalassiosira ferelineata Hasle & Fyxnell, 1977
Thalassiosira frenguellii Kozlova, 1964
Thalassiosira frenguelliopsis Fyxnell & Johans.
Thalassiosira gerloffii Rivera, 1981
Thalassiosira gravida Cleve, 1896
Thalassiosira lentiginosa (Janisch) Fryxnell, 1977
Thalassiosira leptopus (Grunow) Hasle & Fyxnell, 1977
Thalassiosira lineata Jousé
Thalassiosira maculata Fryxnell & Johans.
Thalassiosira margaritae (Freng. & Orlando) Kozlova, 1962
Thalassiosira oestrupii (Ostenf.) Hasle, 1972
Thalassiosira oestrupii var. venrickae (Ostenf.) Hasle, 1972
Thalassiosira oliveriana (O'Meara) Makarova & Nikolajev, 1983
Thalassiosira partheneia Schrad., 1972
Thalassiosira perpusilla Kozlova, 1962
Thalassiosira poro-irregulata Hasle & Heimdal, 1970
Thalassiosira poroseriata (Ramsfjell) Hasle, 1972
Thalassiosira ritscheri (Hust.) Hasle
Thalassiosira scotia Fryxnell & Hoban
Thalassiosira sp.
Thalassiosira symmetrica Fryxnell & Hasle, 1972
Thalassiosira trifulta Fryxnell
Thalassiosira tumida (Janisch) Hasle