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Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Ascomycota
Class Ascomycetes
Order Lecanorales
Family Rhizocarpaceae
Genus Rhizocarpon

List of Individual Species - see Taxon profile using the name of the taxa.

Rhizocarpon adarense (Darb.) M. Lamb
Rhizocarpon argyreum (Hue) Darb.
Rhizocarpon badioatrum (Florke ex Sprengel) Th. Fr.
Rhizocarpon cf. copelandi
Rhizocarpon cf. eupitiaeum
Rhizocarpon cf. flavum
Rhizocarpon cf. polycarpum
Rhizocarpon copelandii (Korb.) Th. Fr.
Rhizocarpon disporum (Hepp) Mull. Arg.
Rhizocarpon distinctum Th. Fr.
Rhizocarpon flavum f. subfoliosum Dodge & Baker; Filson
Rhizocarpon geminatum Korb.
Rhizocarpon geographicum (L.) DC.
Rhizocarpon grande (Florke) Arnold
Rhizocarpon griseolum (Hue) Darb.
Rhizocarpon intermediellum Ras.
Rhizocarpon melanophthalma
Rhizocarpon melanostictum (Hue) Darb.
Rhizocarpon nidificum (Hue) Darb.
Rhizocarpon obscuratum (Ach.) Massal.
Rhizocarpon oederi (Weber) Koerb.
Rhizocarpon polycarpum (Hepp. ex Grogn.) Th. Fr.
Rhizocarpon postumum (Nyl.) Arnold
Rhizocarpon schofieldi Dodge
Rhizocarpon sp.
Rhizocarpon spec.
Rhizocarpon spec.A
Rhizocarpon spec.B
Rhizocarpon superficiale (Schaer.) Vain.