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Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Ascomycota
Class Ascomycetes
Order Lecanorales
Family Stereocaulaceae
Genus Stereocaulon

List of Individual Species - see Taxon profile using the name of the taxa.

Stereocaulon alpinum Laur.
Stereocaulon antarcticum Vain.
Stereocaulon austroshetlandicum Ovst.
Stereocaulon botryosum Ach.
Stereocaulon caespitosum Redinger
Stereocaulon cf. alpinum
Stereocaulon cf. condensatum
Stereocaulon cf. glabrum
Stereocaulon cf. vesuvianum
Stereocaulon glabrum (Mull. Arg.) Vain.
Stereocaulon melanopotamicum Lamb
Stereocaulon paschale (L.) Hoffm.
Stereocaulon ramulosum (Sw.) Rauschel
Stereocaulon ramulosum var. pulvinare (Sw.) Rausch.; (Dodge) Lamb
Stereocaulon rivulorum H. Magn.
Stereocaulon sp.
Stereocaulon speciosum Lamb
Stereocaulon vesuvianum Pers.