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Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Bryophyta
Class Andreaeopsida
Order Andreaeales
Family Andreaeaceae
Genus Andreaea

List of Individual Species - see Taxon profile using the name of the taxa.

Andreaea acuminata Mitt.
Andreaea acutifolia Hook. Fil. et Wils.
Andreaea acutifolia var. rufescens Hook. f. & Wils.
Andreaea alpestris (Thed.) Schimp.
Andreaea alpina Hedw.
Andreaea amblyophylla Muell.Hal. ex Broth.
Andreaea appendiculata B.S.G.
Andreaea arachnoidea C. Muell.
Andreaea australis F.Muell.
Andreaea australis var. aquatilis Mitt.; (R. Br. ter.) Martin
Andreaea cf. depressinervis
Andreaea cf. flabellata
Andreaea cf. gainii
Andreaea cf. regularis
Andreaea depressinervis
Andreaea flabellata Müll.Hal.
Andreaea flexuosa R.Br.ter.
Andreaea fuegiana (Card.) S.W. Greene
Andreaea gainii Cardot
Andreaea gainii var. gainii Card.
Andreaea gainii var. parallela Card.; (C. Muell.) S.W. Greene
Andreaea huttonii R.Br.bis
Andreaea latinervis Bartr.
Andreaea leiophylla Card. ex Roth.
Andreaea lorentziana C.Muell.
Andreaea marginata Hook. Fil. et Wils.
Andreaea mutabilis Hook.f. & Wilson
Andreaea nana C. Muell.
Andreaea naumannii C. Muell.
Andreaea nitida Hook.f. & Wilson
Andreaea nitida var. aquatica Hook. f. & Wils.; (R. Br. ter.) Martin
Andreaea obovata Thed.
Andreaea opaca Card. ex Roth.
Andreaea pachyphylla (C. Muell.) Broth.
Andreaea parallela C. Müll.
Andreaea parallela var. brevifolia C. Muell.; (Dus.) Card.
Andreaea patagonica Dus.
Andreaea pseudo-alpina C. Muell.
Andreaea purpurascens (Dus.) Roth.
Andreaea regularis C. Müll.
Andreaea remotifolia Dus.
Andreaea remotifolia var. secunda Dus.
Andreaea rothii Web. & Mohr.
Andreaea ruficaulis Dus.
Andreaea rupestris
Andreaea sp.
Andreaea subappendiculata C. Muell.
Andreaea subremotifolia Dix.
Andreaea subulata Harv.
Andreaea viridis C. Muell.
Andreaea willii C. Muell.
Andreaea wilsonii Hook. f.