Environmental Data Index

Derived sea ice products

The Australian Antarctic Data Centre produces various datasets derived from satellite-based estimates of sea ice concentration. These datasets are updated periodically, or by request.

Sea ice extent

Sea ice extent (maximum latitude of sea ice):

Summary graph of sea ice extent over time
Summary of Antarctic sea ice extent over time
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Climatological and other data

The AADC maintains a collection of general-use environmental data layers, covering physical and biological aspects of the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. Matched layers are also provided for the Arctic. Typical uses for these data might include general modelling, regionalisation, and exploratory analyses.

These data layers (netCDF and ESRI ASCII grid formats) can be accessed from the AADC or from ANTABIF.

Metadata on these layers can be found here. The netCDF files also include details about the source data.



bathymetry preview

Bathymetry slope

bathymetry_slope preview

CHL summer climatology

chl_summer_climatology preview

Seaice GT85

seaice_gt85 preview

SST summer climatology

sst_summer_climatology preview