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Break point



A spot height at a location where the land surface is discontinued eg. at the edge of a cliff, or at a similar critical point.


Table Name

Australia's Implementation Table Names


None entered in defining this feature type

The following have been used in categorising this feature type

  • Bathymetry
  • Topographic
Code Name Definition   Data type Values UoM Used by these Feature Types
1042 Dataset_Id An unique identifier of the dataset the feature belongs to Mandatory number(4)     Types
1106 Interval_Method How the elevation interval is measured Mandatory character(50)     Types
1107 Interval_Value The elevation difference between the lowest and highest part of the break line or break point Mandatory number(10,2)   metres Types
1122 Max_Elevation The elevation of the higher contour value, break line or break point. In the case of bathymetry, this is the deeper contour. Mandatory number(10,2)   metres Types
1150 Q_Info An unique identifier pointing to additional data quality information not included in the metadata record. Mandatory number(5)     Types