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Control point



A location where the geographic coordinates have been measured.


Australian control point information is stored in the Survey Control Database currently being developed by the Australian Antarctic Data Centre. SCAR is is developing a SCAR Geodetic Control Database.

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  • Map Elements
Code Name Definition   Data type Values UoM Used by these Feature Types
1000 Absolute_Accuracy   Mandatory character(50)     Types
1034 Comments Any additional comments. Optional character(100)     Types
1042 Dataset_Id An unique identifier of the dataset the feature belongs to Mandatory number(4)     Types
1251 Display A field used to select data for display purposes through a query. For example, data is too dense for display on a map at a particular scale. Australia uses this field to enter the scale at which the data is to be displayed. E.g. options are: 25000, 50000 Optional character(50)     Types
1064 Elevation Height of ground level above mean sea level (MSL) Mandatory number(10,2)   metres Types
1113 Latitude Stored in decimal degrees. Mandatory number(20,10)     Types
1118 Longitude Stored in decimal degrees. Mandatory number(20,10)     Types
1124 Method   Mandatory character(50)
label Definition
Airborne altimetric, surface barometric
Barometric The use of an instrument to measure atmospheric pressure.
Differential levelling or trigonometrical
Digitising Convert from a physical product into digital form
Geodetic satellite observation
GPS Global Positioning System
Trigonometrical Calculations are based on the relationships between the sides and the angles of triangles.
1267 Name Name used to refer or label something. For example waypoints, buildings, and camps. Note: Name does not include SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica placenames. See the attribute SCAR_Name. Optional character(100)     Types
1150 Q_Info An unique identifier pointing to additional data quality information not included in the metadata record. Mandatory number(5)     Types
1157 Relative_Accuracy   Mandatory character(50)     Types
1127 SCAR_Name A placename name in the SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica. These names have been contributed by national gazetteers. Mandatory character(100)     Types
1248 Source The source of the data Optional character(50)     Types