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An area of land, or division of the earth's surface, having definable boundaries or characteristics.


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  • Moore, Bruce, (Editor) The Australian Oxford Dictionary, 1st Edition, Oxford University Press, Australia.

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Code Name Definition   Data type Values UoM Used by these Feature Types
1332 Application The name of an online application can be noted in this attribute. This allows choices regarding which items, e.g. regions, are used in an appication to be stored. Optional character(50)     Types
1329 Definition A concise explanation of the feature type. Optional character(250)     Types
1326 Extents The extents of polygon e.g. in latitudes and longitudes Optional character(250)     Types
1272 Gaz_Id Reference number as in national Gazetteer of Antarctica Optional number(10)     Types
1331 Projection_Code A number that references a projection and it''s parameters. Usually the code is that set out by EPSG. See www.epsg.org. Optional number(6)     Types
1330 Region_Category Groupings of regions. This allows users to select subsets of regions such as only region that lie on land. Optional character(50)
label Definition
Land based This region exists for land based use.
Management This region exists for management use.
Marine This region exists for marine based use.
Science This region exists for science use.
Station area This region exists for station area use.
1328 Region_id A unique idenfier for each region. Optional number(3)     Types
1327 Region_Name The name of a region. Usually the name is a place name from the SCAR Gazetteer, but it doesn''t has to be. Mandatory character(100)     Types
1248 Source The source of the data Optional character(50)     Types