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Bridgeman Island

Bridgeman Island (The name as it would appear in a gazetteer)

Bridgeman Island  (The name as it would appear on a map)

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Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory Id 107949

Feature type: Island


This name originates from United Kingdom. It is part of the Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory and the SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica.

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volcanic island rising to 240m above sea level, E of King George Island, was discovered by Bransfield, 22 January 1820, and named Bridgemans Island, probably after Capt. (later Vice-Adm.) The Hon. Charles Orlando Bridgeman, RN (1791-1860), serving in HMS Icarus on the South America station in 1819 (Bransfield, chart, [1820b]). Brian's Isle or Burning Mount, incorrectly positioned but almost certainly referring to this island (Sherratt, 1821, map facing cols, 1215-16). The island was recharted by RAE, 26 January 1821, and called Ostrov Yelena or Yelena Kamen' after St. Helena, the place of exile of the Emperor Napoleon, 1815-21 ([Bellingshausen], 1831a, sheet 62; 1831b, Vol. 2, p.266). Bridgeman's Island (Baird, 1821, p.233; BA chart [no number], 1822). Bridgman's [sic] Island (Powell, 1822b, p.11). Cap Bridgman (EyriSs and Malte-Brun, 1823, map facing p.237). Bridgmans Island (Powell, 1824b, p.109). le Bridgman's (Powell, 1824a, map facing p.5). le Bridgemann [sic] (EyriSs and Malte-Brun, 1825, p.273). Bridgman's Isle and Volcano (Powell, chart, 1828). "Captn. Weddell passed within 200 yards of this island, and saw smoke issuing with great violence through fissures in the rock (1823)" (Powell, chart, 1831). Bridgman's Isle (Purdy, 1837, p.134). Volcan Bridgeman (d'Urville, 1838, map following p.1170). Bridgman Island (BA chart 7.ix.1839). le Bridgemaen [sic], le Bridgeman, lot Bridgeman (d'Urville, 1842, p.11, 145, 323). le et Volcan Bridgeman (Vincendon-Dumoulin, atlas, 1847, Pl. 43). lot Bridgemann (Vincendon-Dumoulin, 1851, p.28). Isla y Volcan Bridgeman (Spain. DH chart 458, 1861). Bridgman Insel (Reiter, 1888, Tafel 1 facing p.30). Bridgeman Tn (Ohlin, 1898, p.286). Bridgman Volcano (Stanford, chart 1901). Hirschinsel [=stag island], mistranslation of Ostrov Yelena [olen' =stag] (Gravelius, 1902, p.199). le Bridgman (Lecointe, 1903, Carte 4). Bridgeman-Insel (Nordenskj"ld and others, 1904b, Vol. 2, p.127). Bridgman Tn (Nordenskj"ld and others, 1904a, Del. 2, end map). Isla Bridgman (Nordenskj"ld and others, 1904-05, Tomo 2, end map; Pierrou, 1970, p.216). FAE, 1908-10, made possibly the first landing on the island and fixed its position, 24 December 1909 (Charcot, 1910, p.333). le Bridgmann [sic] (Charcot, 1910, p.333). Bridgmann Island (Charcot, [1911b], p.276). Bridgman T (HA chart, 1928). Bridgman- en (Holtedahl and Mosby, 1928, p.233). Bridgman-Tya (Risting, 1929, map p.33). Bridgeman (Bridgman) Island (BA, 1930, p.59). Bridgman"en (Aagaard, 1930, end map). Bridgman ia (Isachsen, 1934, p.143). Bridgman (France. SHM, 1937, p.392). Helena (Hobbs, 1939a, p.20). Bridgeman Island (USAAF chart [LR-74], 1942; BA chart 3205, 1945; APC, 1955, p.6). Helena Rock (Debenham, 1945, p.427). Bridgeman T (Hansen, chart 5, 1947a). Bridgman (Aagaard, 1947, p.908). Isla Bridgeman (Chile. DNH chart L, 1947; IHA, 1974, p.55). Isla Bridgmann (Ihl C. and Ayala A., 1947, map facing p.64). Helena Island, as rejected name (USBGN, 1947, p.141). Isla Bridgerman [sic] (Chile. DNH chart H, 1953). Bridgeman Eiland (Knapp, 1958, p.569). Islas [sic] Bridgeman (Argentina. MM, 1958b, p.59). Ostrov Yeleny (Bridzhmen) (Soviet Union. BSE, 1950, map following p.484). Ostrov Bridzhmen (Kamen' Yeleny) (Baranov and others, 1954, map p.283). Kamen' Yeleny (Guretskiy, 1954, p.460). Ostrov Kamen'Yeleny (Bridzhmen) (Soviet Union. MMF chart, 1961). Bridgeman (Gonz lez-Ferr n and Vergara, 1972, map p.191). Bridgemen [sic] Island (Ostrov Kamen Jeleny) (Soviet Union. GUGK 221, 1973).

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62° 03' 48.9" S
Unknown precision
56° 42' 42.5" W
Unknown precision
Not recorded
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