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Mount Martine

Martine, Mount (The name as it would appear in a gazetteer)

Mount Martine  (The name as it would appear on a map)

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Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory Id 110028

Feature type: Mountain


This name originates from United Kingdom. It is part of the Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory and the SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica.

Names that other countries have for this feature:


rising to c. 800m on N coast of Charcot Island (q.v.), was roughly mapped by FAE, 1908-10, on 11 January 1910 and, in association with Marion Nunataks (q.v.) and Mount Monique (q.v.), named Sommet Martine after Martine Charcot (b. 1911), third daughter of Dr J.-B. Charcot, Commander of FAE (Charcot, 1912, Pl.1; BA, 1916, photograph facing p.409). Sommet Marion, in error for this feature, with Sommet Martine probably referring to a feature in Colbert Mountains (q.v.) (Bongrain, 1914, vue 44 following p.60). Martin Mount (BA chart 3175, 9.x.1914). Fj. Martine (HA chart, 1927). Martine Peak (Wilkins, 1929, map facing p.374). Martine-Fjellet (Aagaard, 1930, end map). Mount Martini [sic] (BA, 1930, p.88). Mount Martha [sic] (Ellsworth, 1937, p.209). Martine Mountain (BA chart 3175, 1.iii.1940). Martin [sic] Mountain (USAAF chart [LR-74], 1942). Mount Martine (USHO, 1943, upper photograph p.170; [in 69°56'S 73°56'W] APC, 1955, p.14; BA, 1961, p.208; Searle, 1963, end map; [co-ordinates corrected from USLANDSAT imagery of February 1975] APC, 1977, p.22). Monte Martine (Argentina. IGM map, 1946; Chile. IHA, 1974, p.196). Pico Martina (Chile. DNH chart LIII, 1947). The feature was photographed from the air on USN Operation "Highjump" in 1947. Pico Martine (Argentina. MM chart 110, 1949). Monte Martina (Argentina. MM, 1953, p.308a; Pierrou, 1970, p.509). The feature was mapped by FIDS in 1959 from USN air photographs. Mount Marion, in error (USHO, 1960, p.374, 2nd view). Gora Martin (Soviet Union. MMF chart, 1961).

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69° 45' 00.0" S
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75° 05' 00.0" W
Unknown precision
Not recorded
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