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Seal Nunataks

Seal Nunataks (The name as it would appear in a gazetteer)

Seal Nunataks  (The name as it would appear on a map)

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Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory Id 111099

Feature type: Nunatak


This name originates from United Kingdom. It is part of the Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory and the SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica.

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a cluster of sixteen volcanic cones E of Cape Fairweather, Nordenskjöld Coast, rising up to c. 320m above Larsen Ice Shelf and comprising, from E to W, Christensen Nunatak, Oceana Nunatak (on Robertson Island), Pollux Nunatak, Castor Nunatak, Larsen Nunatak, Murdoch Nunatak, Arctowski Nunatak, Hertha Nunatak, Gray Nunatak, Donald Nunatak, Åkerlundh Nunatak, Bruce Nunatak, Dallmann Nunatak, Evensen Nunatak, Bull Nunatak and Pedersen Nunatak. The nunataks were roughly charted by Larsen, 11 December 1893, and named Sµløerne (Larsen, 1894a, p.128), Sel Öerne (Larsen, 1994b, p.342) or Seal Islands (Larsen, 1894b, p.342; BA chart 1238, iii.1901; 1916, p.409). Sar-Inseln [=sea bream islands], löwen-Insel [=sea lion island],löwen-Inseln (Schück, 1894, p.140). Sea-Lion Islands (RSGS, 1894, p.491). Robben-Insel [=seal island] (Petersen, 1895a, p.264). Robben Inseln (Friederichsen, 1895, Tafel 7 facing p.304). Dirk Gerritszarkipelagen (Gherritz Land, q.v.) (Ohlin, 1898, map following p.320). Dirk Gerritz Archipelago (Bartholomew, map, 1898a). Archipel des Phoques [=archipelago of the seals] (Gerlache, 1900a, map p.411). Jason Island, presumably referring to one of the nunataks (Jason Peninsula, q.v.) (BA chart 1238, iii.1901). Arcipelago delle Foche [=seal archipelago] (Gerlache, 1902a, end map). Islas de las Focas [=seal islands] ([Irízar], 1903, map facing p.4). The feature was further surveyed by SwAE, 8 October 1902, and reported to comprise nunataks rather than islands. IÎles des Phoques, Nunataks des Phoques, Sal-Nunatakerna, Säl-Öarna, hund Nunataks [=seal nunataks],

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65° 00' 00.0" S
- 65.00000°
Unknown precision
60° 13' 00.0" W
- 60.21667°
Unknown precision
Not recorded
Unknown precision


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