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Venus Bay

Venus Bay (The name as it would appear in a gazetteer)

Venus Bay  (The name as it would appear on a map)

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Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory Id 111753

Feature type: Bay


This name originates from United Kingdom. It is part of the Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory and the SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica.

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between False Round Point and Brimstone Peak, N King George Island, was roughly charted by nineteenth-century sealers; called in error Esther Hr. (USHO chart 1132, 1894) or Esther Bay (Ferguson, 1921, map p.38) (Esther Harbour, q.v.); further charted by DI in January 1937, when the name Esther Harbour was incorrectly applied to a feature on the E side of the bay (Hill and others, chart, 1937b; BA chart 3205, 2.ix.1938). Puerto Ester [sic] (Kosack, 1955b, p.86). The bay was photographed from the air by FIDASE, 1956-57, and surveyed from the ground by FIDS in 1958. Puerto Esther (Argentina. MM, 1958b, p.61; Pierrou, 1970, p.350; Chile. IHA, 1974, p.118). In association with the names of nineteenth-century sealers grouped in this area, the feature was renamed Venus Bay after the schooner Venus (Capt. William Napier) from New York, which visited the South Shetland Islands, 1820-21, and was wrecked on a reef in the entrance to Esther Harbour, 7 March 1821, her crew being rescued a few days later by the sealing ships Esther and Emerald (APC, 1960, p.8; BA chart 3205, 23.xi.1962; DOS 610 sheet W 62 56, 1968). Bukhta Vines (Soviet Union. AA, 1966, Pl.175). Weins Bay (Govorukha and Simonov, 1973b, map Fig.1, p.369). Bahía Venus (Argentina. MM chart H-710, 1977).

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61° 55' 30.5" S
Unknown precision
57° 50' 32.7" W
Unknown precision
Not recorded
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