Coats Land

Coats Land (The name as it would appear in a gazetteer)

Coats Land  (The name as it would appear on a map)

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Place ID: 2792
Name ID: 108242

Feature type: Land


This name originates from United Kingdom. It is part of the Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory and the SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica.

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extending S and SE from Luitpold Coast and Caird Coast (q.v.) to 82 00'S, and bounded on the E side by Long. 20 00'W (dividing BAT from Dronning Maud Land) and on the W side by Filchner Ice Shelf, to include Touchdown Hills, Theron Mountains, the major part of Shackleton Range, Whichaway Nunataks and Omega Nunatak. On 3 March 1904 SNAE, in the position 72 18'S 17 59'W, sighted the land, coasted it SW to the position 74 01'S 22 00'W, and named it Coats' Land (with S limit undefined) after the brothers James Coats (1841-1912) and Major Andrew Coats (1862-1930) (W.S. Bruce's companion on the Blencathra Arctic expedition, 1898) of the family of Messrs J. and P. Coats Ltd, Paisley, Scotland, who were financial supporters of SNAE (Brown, 1943, p.62) (Bruce, 1903-04, p.106-12; Brown and others, 1906, p.234-39; BA chart 1240, 9.x.1914). Terre de Coats (Gourdon, 1908, p.59; [13 W to 22 W] CSM chart, C' 1, 1925). Tierra de Coats (Riso Patron S., 1908, p.9; [23 00'W to 31 39'W] Argentina. MM chart 65, 1940; [16 30'W to 22 00'W] IGM map, 1945; [15 00'W to 35 00'W] IGM map, 1946; [16 30'W to 25 00'W] MM chart N-"P"-1, 1952; [20 00'W to 30 00'W] IGM atlas, 1953, lám. 68; [16 30'W to 36 00'W] Pierrou, 1970, p.251). Coatsland (Bruce, [1910], p.5). The discovery by SNAE was extended to the W by GAE, 1911-12 (Luitpold Coast, q.v.). Coats Land ([15 10'W to 22 25'W] BA chart 3176, 11.ix.1914; [for the whole SE coast of Weddell Sea] Wordie, 1921a; [16 30'W to 23 00'W] Brown, 1923a, map following p.216; [22 25'W to Vahsel Bay] BA chart 1240, 23.iv.1926; [18 00'W to 21 10'W] AGS map, sheet 1, [1928]; [16 00'W to 23 00'W] AGS map, [1929]; [referring to the hinterland only] Worsley, 1931, front end-paper map; [15 00'W to 35 00'W] Hobbs, 1940, map p.714; [26 00'W to 30 00'W] USAF chart 1828, 1947; [17 00'W to 35 00'W] USHO chart 1701S, 1954; [20 00'W to c. 36 00'W] APC, 1955, p.7; DOS (Misc.) 135, Antarctica sheet, 1963; [20 00'W to c. 35 00'W] APC, 1977, p.9; [as now defined] APC, 1982, p.3). The discovery by SNAE was further extended by BITAE in 1915 (Caird Coast, q.v.). Coats'-Föld (Shackleton, [1925], p.200). Bruce Land, after W.S. Bruce, Leader of SNAE, with Coats Coast forming part, as suggested by W.H. Hobbs (Brown, 1927, p.29). Coast [sic] Land (Shackleton, 1930). Caird Coast, referring to the whole SE coast of Weddell Sea (Worsley, 1931, front end-paper map). Zemla Kotsa (Aleyner, 1949, map p.343). Zemlya Kotsa (Aleksandrov, 1949, map p.26; [extending to 16 00'W] Baranov and others, 1954, map p.283). Coats Land-Kysten (R nne, 1950b, p.148). Terra Coats (Zavatti, 1952, p.500). Ziemia Coatsa (Machowski, 1953, p.154). Terre Coats (France. SHM chart 5879, 1956). Coatsova Zeme ([referring to N end only] Bártl, 1958, map facing p.144; Fuchs and Hillary, 1960b, map p.30). Kots Erez (Fuchs and Hillary, 1958a, map p.12). Tierra Coats (Fuchs and Hillary, 1959e, map p.16). Terra di Coats (Zavatti, 1958, Tav. 6). Tierra de Coast [sic] (Chile. IGM map 6000-5300, 1972).

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77° 00' 00.0" S
Unknown precision
27° 30' 00.0" W
Unknown precision
Not recorded
Unknown precision


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