Greater Antarctica (or East Antarctica)

Greater Antarctica (or East Antarctica) (The name as it would appear in a gazetteer)

Greater Antarctica (or East Antarctica)  (The name as it would appear on a map)

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This name originates from United Kingdom. It is part of the Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory and the SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica.


the major region of Antarctica lying in the sector on the Indian Ocean side of the Transantarctic Mountains (cf. Lesser Antarctica), includes Coats Land, Shackleton Range, Pensacola Mountains, and the South Polar Plateau between 20 00' and 80 00'W. The name East Antarctica has been used to refer more or less to the same region (Balch, 1902, p.13; AGS, 1905, map facing p.702; Nordenskjöld and others, 1905, p.69; [0 through 90 E to 180 ] Mecking, 1928, p.286; [on the Indian Ocean side of the Transantarctic Mountains] Behrendt, 1962a, p.232; USBGN, 1962b, p.21; Soviet Union. AA, 1967, p.310). East Antarktis (Nordenskjöld and others, 1905, p.69). Ostantarktis (Nordenskjöld, 1911b, p.64). Ost(-) Antarktika (Nordenskjöld, 1913, p.3; [20 00'W through 90 00'E to Victoria Land, Ross Dependency] Breitfuss, 1943, Tafel 38). Antarctide de l'Est (Zimmermann, 1930, p.297). Øst-Antarktika, Øst-Antarktis, 0 through 90 E to 180 (Aagaard, 1944, p.25). Antártida Oriental, 0 through 90 E to 180 (Alazraqui, 1947, p.77). Antártida del Este (Sgrosso, 1948, p.181). Östantarktis (Skottsberg, 1950, p.372). Gondwana Province, from geological affinity with the ancient continent of Gondwanaland (Adie, 1961, p.446). It was recognized that the names East Antarctica and West Antarctica are confusing to, for example, Australians and New Zealanders (Roberts, 1959), and the names Greater Antarctica and Lesser Antarctica (q.v.) were proposed for the two major natural regions of Antarctica, with Greater Antarctica (as defined above) comprising the true continental shield on which rest relatively undisturbed sediments of the widespread Gondwana System (Thiel, 1961, p.335-36; Law, 1967, p.158; BA, 1974, p.19; Roberts, 1981, p. 257-59). These names were approved for official use by ANPMCA, APC and NZAPC in 1960 (Hattersley-Smith, 1981, p.260; APC, 1986, p.3). Antarctique Orientale (Cailleux, 1963, p.2). East (Greater) Antarctica (Soviet Union. AA, 1967, p.416). Eastern Antarctica (Hyden and Tanner, 1981, Fig.1, p.531).

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