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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Alfatar Peninsula (BGR) 62° 22' 15.0" S 59° 39' 38.0" W Peninsula
Name ID: 136715 Place ID: 18428

The peninsula extending 4 km in NE-SW direction and 2.8 km wide, forming the NW extremity of Robert Island, South Shetland Islands. Bounded by Mitchell Cove, Carlota Cove, and Clothier Harbour. Linked to Coppermine Peninsula (1.7 km long and 500 m wide) in the W. Bulgarian mapping in 2008 Named after the town of Alfatar in Northeastern Bulgaria.

Alfeus Island (BGR) 62° 52' 12.4" S 62° 18' 53.0" W Island
Name ID: 139095 Place ID: 20045

The 310 m long in WSW-ENE direction and 120 m wide rocky island lying off the N coast of Smith Island in the South Shetland Islands. Situated 660 m NW of Cape Smith, 3.7 km ENE of Delyan Point and 1.06 km ESE of Barlow Island. Bulgarian mapping in 2009 and 2018.

Alino Island (BGR) 65° 32' 32.0" S 65° 37' 28.0" W Island
Name ID: 137770 Place ID: 19407

The predominantly ice-covered island in Biscoe Islands situated 1 km SSE of Tula Point, Renaud Island. The feature is 1.2 km long in SW-NE direction and 580 m wide. British mapping in 1971. Named after the settlement of Alino in Western Bulgaria.

Alka Island (BGR) 63° 53' 18.0" S 60° 54' 25.0" W Island
Name ID: 139077 Place ID: 20027

The 250 m long in W-E direction and 110 m wide rocky island lying in Belimel Bay on the SW coast of Trinity Island in the Palmer Archipelago. Situated 1.7 km N of Asencio Point, 3.43 km S of Bulnes Point, 2.4 km SSW of Tizoin Point and 145 m NNW of Glarus Island. British mapping in 1978.

Altsek Nunatak (BGR) 62° 29' 41.0" S 59° 52' 46.0" W Nunatak
Name ID: 134525 Place ID: 17961

The rocky peak of elevation 170 m projecting from Murgash Glacier, Greenwich Island. Situated 700 m SE of Lloyd Hill, 940 m E of Kotrag Nunatak, and 1.65 km W by N of Tile Ridge. Bulgarian topographic survey Tangra 2004/05. Named after Khan Altsek, whose Bulgarians settled in Italy in the 7th Century AD.

Aluzore Gap (BGR) 64° 20' 45.0" S 62° 27' 55.0" W Gap
Name ID: 137953 Place ID: 19578

The ice-covered saddle of elevation 1050 m connecting Stribog Mountains to Solvay Mountains on Brabant Island in the Palmer Archipelago. Extends 3 km in NNW to SSE direction. Part of the glacial divide between Hippocrates Glacier to the E, and Zlatiya Glacier and Rush Glacier to the W and SW respectively. Situated 3.15 km ESE of Veles Bastion, 3.15 km WNW of Mount Imhotep, 4.8 km NW of Galen Peak and 3.2 km NE of Mount Sarnegor. British mapping in 1980 and 2008. Named after the ancient Roman station of Aluzore in Southern Bulgaria.

Amadok Point (BGR) 62° 40' 45.0" S 60° 53' 22.0" W Point
Name ID: 134526 Place ID: 17987

The point on the S coast of Livingston Island, projecting 400 m into Bransfield Strait. Situated 2 km NW of Elephant Point, and 1.8 km SE of Clark Nunatak. Snow-free in summer. Named after the Thracian King Amadok, 415-384 BC.

Ami Boué Peak (BGR) 63° 25' 01.0" S 57° 47' 23.0" W
Name ID: 137037 Place ID: 18647

The peak rising to 1101 m in the N extremity of Laclavère Plateau on Trinity Peninsula, Antarctic Peninsula. Situated 8.79 km SSE of Mount Jacquinot, 11.14 km NE of Dabnik Peak, 8.43 km N of Kanitz Nunatak and 12.56 km WSW of Fidase Peak. German-British mapping in 1996. Named after the French explorer of the Balkans Ami Boué (1794-1881). Approved on June 3, 2010.

Anchialus Glacier (BGR) 77° 51' 50.0" S 85° 24' 30.0" W Glacier
Name ID: 137815 Place ID: 19464

The 8.5 km long and 3.4 km wide glacier in Sostra Heights on the E side of northern Sentinel Range in Ellsworth Mountains. Situated N of lower Embree Glacier, E of Sabazios Glacier, S of lower Newcomer Glacier and NW of Vit Ice Piedmont. Drains the NE slopes of Mount Malone and the W slopes of Bracken Peak, flows northwards and joins Newcomer Glacier E of Mount Lanning. US mapping in 1961. Named after the ancient town of Anchialus in Southeastern Bulgaria.

Andreev Nunatak (BGR) 65° 08' 36.0" S 62° 00' 53.0" W
Name ID: 137400 Place ID: 19049

The rocky ridge extending 2.8 km and rising to 800 m in Punchbowl Glacier on Oscar II Coast, Antarctic Peninsula. Its highest point is situated 2.8 km E of St. Angelariy Peak in Metlichina Ridge, 5.4 km SE of Vishna Pass, 4.7 km W of Chakarov Peak in Poibrene Heights, and 6.8 km NNW of Diralo Point. British mapping in 1964. Named after Valentin Andreev, physician at St. Kliment Ohridski base in 2000/01 and base commander in subsequent seasons.

Angelov Island (BGR) 60° 35' 35.0" S 46° 05' 22.0" W Island
Name ID: 139117 Place ID: 20062

The 700 m long in S-N direction and 530 m wide rocky island in the Larsen Islands group on the W side of Coronation Island in the South Orkney Islands. Situated 3.53 km NW of Moreton Point, 700 m NW of Monroe Island and 150 m SE of Nicolas Rocks. The area was visited by early 19th century sealers. British mapping in 1963.

Antim Peak (BGR) 62° 58' 36.0" S 62° 30' 12.0" W Peak
Name ID: 134691 Place ID: 18145

The peak rising to 2100 m in Imeon Range on Smith Island in the South Shetland Islands. Situated respectively 2.4 km and 850 m NE of the two heights of the summit Mount Foster, 3.4 km SSW of Mount Pisgah, 16 km SW of Cape Smith, and 16 km NE of Cape James. Precipitous and partly ice-free SE slopes. Confirmed to be a separate peak rather than part of Mount Foster by the team of Greg Landreth that made the first ascent of the latter in 1996. Named after Exarch Antim I (1816-1888), the first head of the Bulgarian Exarchate reestablishing the autocephaly of the Bulgarian Church in 1870.

Antonov Peak (BGR) 63° 44' 32.0" S 58° 35' 43.0" W
Name ID: 137046 Place ID: 18648

The peak rising to over 1300 m in the NW part of Trakiya Heights on Trinity Peninsula, Antarctic Peninsula. Situated 4.45 km E of Mount Schuyler, 4.25 km SE of Sirius Knoll, 4.9 km W by N of Mount Daimler and 8.23 km N of Skakavitsa Peak. Surmounting Russell West Glacier to the N and Victory Glacier to the S. German-British mapping in 1996. Named after the Bulgarian automobile constructor Rumen Antonov (b. 1944) who invented an innovative automatic gearbox. Approved on June 3, 2010.

Apiaria Bight (BGR) 64° 01' 40.0" S 62° 31' 00.0" W Bight
Name ID: 137983 Place ID: 19608

The 5.7 km wide embayment indenting for 1.7 km the NW coast of Pasteur Peninsula on Brabant Island in the Palmer Archipelago. Entered NE of Metchnikoff Point and SW of Cape Roux. British mapping in 1980 and 2008. Named after the ancient Roman fortress of Apiaria in Northeastern Bulgaria.

Aprilov Point (BGR) 62° 26' 47.0" S 59° 53' 41.0" W Point
Name ID: 134692 Place ID: 18146

The point on the N coast of Greenwich Island situated 6.9 km E of Duff Point, 2.1 km ESE of Kabile Island, 2.2 km ENE of Crutch Peaks, 1.8 km S of Ongley Island, 5.5 km W of Agüedo Point, and 2.3 km NNW of Sevtopolis Peak. Forming the E side of the entrance to Haskovo Cove. British mapping in 1968. Named after the prominent Bulgarian educator Vasil Aprilov (1789-1847).

Arapya Glacier (BGR) 78° 11' 40.0" S 84° 54' 00.0" W
Name ID: 137113 Place ID: 18737

The 11.4 km long and 5 km wide glacier on the E side of north-central Sentinel Range in Ellsworth Mountains situated S of Young Glacier. Flowing southwards along the W side of Barnes Ridge and E of Chapman Peak, and joining Ellen Glacier SW of Mount Besch. US mapping in 1988. Named after the seaside locality of Arapya in Southeastern Bulgaria.

Arbanasi Nunatak (BGR) 62° 31' 40.0" S 60° 03' 18.0" W Nunatak
Name ID: 134527 Place ID: 17859

The rocky peak of elevation 320 m in Vidin Heights, Livingston Island. Situated 860 m ESE of Sharp Peak, 2 km W of Kubrat Knoll and 2.6 km NW of Edinburgh Hill. Bulgarian topographic survey Tangra 2004/05. Named after the settlement and monastery of Arbanasi near the old Bulgarian capital of Veliko Tarnovo.

Archar Peninsula (BGR) 62° 27' 30.0" S 60° 00' 00.0" W Peninsula
Name ID: 134528 Place ID: 17946

The 3-km long peninsula forming the NW extremity of Greenwich Island. Bounded by Razlog Cove to the N, and McFarlane Strait to the S. The NW half is snow-free in summer. Named after the settlement of Archar in Northwestern Bulgaria, successor of the ancient town of Ratiaria.

Arda Peak (BGR) 62° 44' 23.0" S 60° 17' 48.0" W Peak
Name ID: 134529 Place ID: 17397

Peak rising to approx. 470 m in Friesland Ridge, Tangra Mountains, eastern Livingston Island. Situated 470 m S of Gabrovo Knoll, 850 E by N of the summit of Veleka Ridge and 3 km W of Yambol Peak. Overlooking the lower course of Charity Glacier to the NW and Tarnovo Ice Piedmont to the SE.Named after the Arda River in Bulgaria.

Argonavt Cove (BGR) 62° 15' 10.0" S 59° 07' 25.0" W Cove
Name ID: 139101 Place ID: 20051

The 1.85 km wide cove indenting for 950 m the N coast of Nelson Island in the South Shetland Islands. Entered E of Retamales Point and W of Baklan Point. British mapping in 1968.

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