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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Abrit Nunatak (BGR) 63° 26' 46.0" S 57° 31' 10.0" W
Name ID: 137141 Place ID: 18786

The rocky hill rising to over 400 m on Trinity Peninsula in Graham Land. Situated E of Laclavère Plateau and S of Mott Snowfield, 4.47 km NE of Theodolite Hill, 2.49 km E by S of Urguri Nunatak, 8.2 km S by E of Fidase Peak and 4.83 km SW of Camel Nunataks. Overlooking Mott Snowfield to the N and Retizhe Cove to the SE. German-British mapping in 1996. Named after the settlement of Abrit in Northeastern Bulgaria. Approved on December 6, 2010.

Academia Peak (BGR) 62° 40' 00.0" S 60° 12' 52.0" W Peak
Name ID: 134522 Place ID: 17396

Peak rising to approx. 1,130 m in Friesland Ridge, Tangra Mountains, eastern Livingston Island; 1.4 km NW of St. Boris Peak, 2.45 km SSE of the summit of Pliska Ridge and 3.45 km ESE of Willan Nunatak. Precipitous and ice-free north-western slopes. Surmounting Huntress Glacier to the NW and SW. Named for the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (established 1869) for its important role in the Bulgarian Antarctic research.

Acheron Lake (BGR) 62° 39' 44.0" S 61° 09' 04.0" W Water body
Name ID: 139211 Place ID: 20139

The B-shaped 315 m long in SW-NE direction and 186 m wide lake on President Beaches, Byers Peninsula on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands. Surface area 4.4 ha. Separated from Osogovo Bay waters by a 10 to 25 m wide strip of land. Centred 1 km S of Point Smellie, 1 km WNW of Wasp Hill and 1.9 km NE of Devils Point. Surmounted by Lucifer Crags on the SW.

Afala Island (BGR) 62° 14' 50.0" S 59° 07' 41.0" W Island
Name ID: 139102 Place ID: 20052

The rocky island off the N coast of Nelson Island in the South Shetland Islands extending 360 m in WSW-ENE direction and 310 m in S-N direction. Situated 740 m W of Baklan Point, 860 m NE of Retamales Point and 1.05 km SSE of Withem Island. British mapping in 1968.

Agalina Glacier (BGR) 64° 26' 20.0" S 61° 26' 00.0" W
Name ID: 137076 Place ID: 18735

The 4.8 km long and 2.9 km wide glacier on Pefaur (Ventimiglia) Peninsula, Danco Coast in Graham Land, Antarctic Peninsula. Situated E of Poduene Glacier and W of Krapets Glacier. Draining northwards, and flowing into both Graham Passage and the W arm of Salvesen Cove. British mapping in 1978. Named after Agalina Point on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

Aglen Point (BGR) 62° 34' 41.0" S 61° 09' 14.0" W Point
Name ID: 136840 Place ID: 18520

The rocky point forming the W side of the entrance to Richards Cove on the N coast of Ray Promontory in the NW extremity of Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands. Situated 470 m WNW of Voyteh Point and 1.6 km E of Essex Point. British mapping in 1968, Spanish in 1992 and Bulgarian in 2005 and 2009. Named after the settlement of Aglen in Northern Bulgaria.

Aheloy Nunatak (BGR) 62° 38' 23.3" S 60° 07' 53.5" W Nunatak
Name ID: 134523 Place ID: 17857

The rocky peak of elevation 390 m in upper Huron Glacier, Livingston Island. Situated 1.6 km ESE of Kuzman Knoll, 2.55 km S of Maritsa Peak, 1.6 km NNE of Zograf Peak and 275 m NNE of Erma Knoll. Forming the NE extremity of a minor ridge featuring also Erma Knoll and Lozen Nunatak, and linked to Zograf Peak by Lozen Saddle. Bulgarian topographic survey Tangra 2004/05. Named after the Black Sea settlement of Aheloy, Bulgaria.

Ahrida Peak (BGR) 78° 01' 48.0" S 86° 06' 46.6" W Peak
Name ID: 137832 Place ID: 19481

The sharp rocky peak rising to 3100 m on the main crest of north-central Sentinel Range in Ellsworth Mountains. Situated 9.8 km NNE of Mount Hale, 6.5 km E of Silyanov Peak, 3.57 km SW of Mount Goldthwait, and 9.13 km NW of Mount Todd in Probuda Ridge. Surmounting Embree Glacier to the SE. US mapping in 1961. Ahrida is the medieval name of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria.

Ahtopol Peak (BGR) 62° 32' 35.0" S 60° 08' 42.0" W Peak
Name ID: 134524 Place ID: 17858

The sharp peak of elevation 510 m in Vidin Heights, Livingston Island. Situated 1.2 km SE of Miziya Peak, 4.1 km NE of Leslie Hill and 6.6 km N of Melnik Peak. Bulgarian topographic survey Tangra 2004/05. Named after the Black Sea town of Ahtopol, Bulgaria.

Akaga Glacier (BGR) 64° 33' 50.0" S 60° 27' 40.0" W
Name ID: 137527 Place ID: 19174

The 5.7 km long and 2.2 km wide glacier on Nordenskjöld Coast in Graham Land situated S of Sinion Glacier and N of the glacier featuring Arrol Icefall. Draining the SE slopes of Detroit Plateau, and flowing east-southeastwards to enter Odrin Bay in Weddell Sea. British mapping in 1978. Named after the Bulgar woman ruler Akaga (6th century).

Akin Island (BGR) 62° 13' 41.5" S 59° 05' 50.0" W Island
Name ID: 139106 Place ID: 20056

The 280 m long in SE-NW direction and 100 m wide rocky island lying off the N coast of Nelson Island in the South Shetland Islands. Situated 2.35 km WNW of Cariz Point, 2.02 km NNE of Baklan Point, 2.14 km ENE of Withem Island, 1.12 km S of Nancy Rock and 100 m NNE of Fregata Island. British mapping in 1968.

Akra Peninsula (BGR) 65° 33' 10.0" S 61° 49' 00.0" W
Name ID: 137540 Place ID: 19175

The mostly ice-covered peninsula projecting 11 km eastwards from Oscar II Coast in Graham Land, and 5.2 km wide. Bounded by Exasperation Inlet to the N and Scar Inlet to the S, and ending in Cape Disappointment to the E. Formed as a result of the break-up of Larsen Ice Shelf in the area, and the retreat of Pequod Glacier in the early 21st century. Antarctic Digital Database mapping in 2012. Named after the ancient town of Akra in Southeastern .Bulgaria.

Aktinia Beach (BGR) 62° 49' 50.0" S 61° 27' 50.0" W Beach
Name ID: 139099 Place ID: 20049

The mostly ice-free 2.7 km long and 400 m wide beach extending on both sides of Rebrovo Point on the SW coast of Snow Island facing Boyd Strait in the South Shetland Islands. Centred 2.18 km NW of Cape Conway and 3.4 km SE of Monroe Point. The area was visited by early 19th century sealers. Bulgarian mapping in 2009.

Akula Island (BGR) 65° 04' 20.0" S 64° 06' 38.0" W Island
Name ID: 140126 Place ID: 20266

The mostly ice-covered island 915 m long in W-E direction and 274 m wide in the Dannebrog Islands group of Wilhelm Archipelago in the Antarctic Peninsula region. Surface area 15.46 ha. Situated 46 m N of Elisabethinsel, 100 m SE of Stego Island, 480 m S of Spatnik Island and 2.43 km WSW of the W extremity of Booth Island.

Alabak Island (BGR) 65° 59' 25.0" S 64° 43' 50.0" W Island
Name ID: 137935 Place ID: 19563

The mostly ice-covered hilly island in Barilari Bay on Graham Coast in Graham Land extending 1.35 km in E-W direction, 670 m wide, and ending in Huitfeldt Point to the E. Separated from the E coast of Velingrad Peninsula by a 500 m passage formed as a result of glacier retreat in the last decade of 20th century. Situated 4.74 km SE of Vorweg Point, and 11.15 km SW of Duyvis Point on Felipe Solo (Obligado) Peninsula. British mapping in 1971. Named after Alabak Ridge in Southern Bulgaria.

Albatros Point (BGR) 63° 41' 40.0" S 60° 41' 48.0" W Point
Name ID: 139086 Place ID: 20036

The mostly ice-covered rocky E entrance point of Lorna Cove on the N coast of Trinity Island in the Palmer Archipelago projecting 600 m north-northeastwards. Situated 5.35 km SE of Cape Wollaston, 6.8 km W of Cape Neumayer and 5.7 km NE of Consecuencia Point. British mapping in 1978.

Albena Peninsula (BGR) 64° 08' 30.0" S 62° 09' 00.0" W Peninsula
Name ID: 136877 Place ID: 18579

The peninsula extending 13 km in E-W direction and 9 km wide at its base, forming the E extremity of Brabant Island in the Palmer Archipelago. Bounded by the terminus of Lister Glacier to the N, and Hill Bay to the S. Ending in Spallanzani Point to the E.

Aldomir Ridge (BGR) 64° 09' 35.0" S 59° 08' 10.0" W
Name ID: 137236 Place ID: 18897

The mostly ice-free ridge on southern Trinity Peninsula in Graham Land bounded by Sjögren Glacier to the W and Boydell Glacier to the E. Extending 14 km between Detroit Plateau to the NNW and Sjögren Inlet to the SSE, 4.2 km wide and rising to 1350 m at its N extremity. Named after the settlement of Aldomirovtsi in Western Bulgaria.

Aleko Rock (BGR) 62° 37' 07.0" S 60° 20' 31.0" W Rock
Name ID: 105002 Place ID: 192

Rocky point midway along the NE coast of Emona Anchorage, Livingston Island. Located 3.28km NE by N of Hespérides Point and 6.31km ENE of Ereby Point. Projecting 150m to the WSW, with two chains of rocks centred 120m to the WNW and 200m to the N. Emerged in a recent glacier retreat. Bulgarian mapping from a 1995-96 topographic survey of the region. Like Aleko Peak in Rila Mountain, Bulgaria, named for Aleko Konstantinov (1863-97), writer and proponent of wilderness exploration.

Aleksandrov Peak (BGR) 66° 28' 27.0" S 65° 14' 17.0" W Peak
Name ID: 138107 Place ID: 19727

The mostly ice-covered peak of elevation 2100 m in the W foothills of Bruce Plateau on Loubet Coast in Graham Land. Situated 11 km SE of Mount Lyttleton, 9.5 km SSW of Purmerul Peak, 5.8 km N of Semela Ridge and 13 km NE of Mount Bain. Rounded top and steep, partly ice-free S, W and N slopes. Surmounts Erskine Glacier to the S and W, and its tributary Byway Glacier to the SE. British mapping in 1976. Named after Todor Aleksandrov (1881-1924), a leader of the Bulgarian liberation movement in Macedonia.

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