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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Nordeste, glaciar (ARG) 68° 10' 00.0" S 66° 52' 00.0" W Glacier
Name ID: 101695 Place ID: 10399

Northeast Glacier (GBR) 68° 07' 00.0" S 66° 52' 00.0" W Glacier
Name ID: 110388 Place ID: 10399

flowing SW into Marguerite Bay, Fallières Coast, between Debenham Islands and Stonington Island, was surveyed by BGLE in 1936 (Rymill, 1938a, map facing p.432); further surveyed and used as a sledge route by USAS in 1940; so named because it lay north-east of the USAS "East Base" on Stonington Island (Dyer, map, c. 1941; Black, 1945, p.7; Mason, 1950a, p.145; APC, 1955, p.16; DCS 601 sheet 68 66, 1955); resurveyed by FIDS from "Stonington Island" in 1946. North East Glacier (Butson, 1949, p.199). Sodabread Slope, referring to a steep slope on the sledge route near the head of the glacier, the name being descriptive of the snow texture (Walton, 1955, p.86). An Argentine refuge hut, called "Yapeyú" after the birthplace of Gen. J. de San Martín, was established at the head of the glacier, 4 November 1955 (Thomas, 1957a, p.523). Northeast Glazier [sic] (FIG, 1960, p.69). North-east Glacier (BA, 1961, p.69). "Refugio Yapeyú" (Pierrou, 1970, p.732).

Northeast Glacier (USA) 68° 09' 00.0" S 66° 58' 00.0" W Glacier
Name ID: 129494 Place ID: 10399

Steep, heavily crevassed glacier, 13 mi long and 5 mi wide at its mouth, which flows from McLeod Hill westward and then SW into Marguerite Bay between the Debenham Islands and Roman Four Promontory, on the W coast of Graham Land. First surveyed in 1936 by the BGLE under Rymill. Resurveyed in 1940 by members of the USAS, who first used this glacier as a sledging route, and so named by them because it lies at the northeast side of their base at Stonington Island.

Showing all 3 place names.

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