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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Beaufoy Ridge (RUS) 60° 37' 00.0" S 45° 33' 00.0" W Ridge
Name ID: 117011 Place ID: 1061

Beaufoy Ridge (GBR) 60° 38' 00.0" S 45° 32' 00.0" W Ridge
Name ID: 107717 Place ID: 1061

rising to 655m at head of Ice- berg Bay, Coronation Island, following survey by FIDS from Signy, 1948-49, was named after the cutter Beaufoy (Capt. M. McLeod) (McLeod Glacier, q.v.) (APC, 1955, p.5; DOS 510 South Orkney Islands, West Sheet, 1963).

Beaufoy Ridge (USA) 60° 38' 00.0" S 45° 33' 00.0" W Ridge
Name ID: 122324 Place ID: 1061

Conspicuous black ridge, rising to 650 m at its NW end, standing at the W side of Sunshine Glacier and close N of Iceberg Bay on the S coast of Coronation Island, in the South Orkney Islands. Named by the FIDS following their survey in 1948-49. On Dec. 12, 1821, the cutter Beaufoy under Michael McLeod sailed to a position at least 60 mi W of the South Orkney Islands, where a chart annotation indicates that land was sighted, possibly Coronation Island.

Cleft Island (AUS) 69° 21' 47.8" S 75° 40' 11.5" E Island
Name ID: 1061 Place ID: 2749

A small island to the north of the Bølingen Islands in the southern part of the Prydz Bay, about 5 km ESE of Lichen Island. The island is split by a deep channel about six metres wide. The island was plotted from air photographs taken by the Lars Christensen Expedition (1936) and called Lørten by Norwegian cartographers. The first landing was made on the island by an ANARE party from the MV Nella Dan led by Phillip Law on 18 February 1966.

Showing all 4 place names.

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