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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Pétrel Island (USA) 66° 40' 00.0" S 140° 01' 00.0" E Island
Name ID: 130078 Place ID: 11182

Rocky island, 0.5 mi long and 45 m in elevation, which lies NW of Rostand Island and is the largest feature in the cluster of islands at the SE end of Geologie Archipelago. Photographed from the air by USN Operation HighJump, 1946-47. Charted by the FrAE, 1949-51, and so named by them because numerous snow petrel nests were found there. In January 1952, following destruction of the Port Martin base by fire, the FrAE under Marret, 1952-53, enlarged the hut on Petrel Island to serve as the new base site.

Pétrels, Ile des (RUS) 66° 40' 00.0" S 140° 01' 00.0" E Island
Name ID: 119948 Place ID: 11182

Pétrels, Île des (FRA) 66° 39' 55.0" S 140° 00' 35.0" E Island
Name ID: 107369 Place ID: 11182

La plus vaste des îles rocheuses de l'archipel de Pointe-Géologie, située dans la partie centrale, à l'ouest du glacier de l'Astrolabe. Nom donné en raison de nombreux nids de Pétrels géants qui existaient sur cette île. La deuxième base de terre Adélie y fut établie en 1952.

Showing all 3 place names.

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