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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Dronning Fabiolafjella (NOR) 71° 30' 00.0" S 35° 40' 00.0" E Mountain
Name ID: 115027 Place ID: 11774

Collection of small mountains in the W part of Thorshavnheiane. Dronning=Queen. After the Belgian Queen Fabiola.

Queen Fabiola Mountains (RUS) 71° 20' 00.0" S 36° 00' 00.0" E Mountain
Name ID: 120137 Place ID: 11774

Queen Fabiola Mountains (USA) 71° 30' 00.0" S 35° 40' 00.0" E Mountain
Name ID: 130477 Place ID: 11774

A group of mountains, 30 mi long, consisting mainly of seven small massifs which trend north-south, forming a partial barrier to the flow of inland ice. The mountains stand in isolation about 90 mi SW of the head of Lutzow-Holm Bay. Discovered and photographed from aircraft by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, 1960, under Guido Derom, on October 8, 1960, and named with the permission of the King for Dona Fabiola de Mora y Aragon, on the occasion of her wedding with King Baudouin of Belgium. In November-December 1960, the mountains were visited by a party of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition which made geomorphological and geological surveys. They applied the name "Yamato Mountains."

Reine Fabiola, Monts (BEL) 71° 30' 00.0" S 35° 30' 00.0" E Mountain
Name ID: 104974 Place ID: 11774

Ces monts ont été découverts et photographiés par voie aérienne le 7 octobre 1960 par l'Expédition Antarctique Belge 1960 dirigèe par le Major Avi Guido Derom et baptisés par lui, avec la permission du Roi des Belges, à l'occasion du mariage du Roi avec Doña Fabiola de Mora y Aragon.

Yamato Sanmyaku (JPN) 71° 30' 00.0" S 35° 45' 00.0" E Mountain
Name ID: 112576 Place ID: 11774

A group of mountains, ranging 71°14'-71°45'S and 35°25'-36°05'E, which consists mainly of seven massifs trending north-south. Discovered by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition on October 8, 1960, and named Monts Reine Fabiora. Surveyed by JARE from November to December 1960, and named Yamato Sanmyaku.

Showing all 5 place names.

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