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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Reeves Bluffs (AUS) 79° 36' 00.0" S 158° 40' 00.1" E Bluff
Name ID: 201 Place ID: 11981

Bluffs in the Britannia Range. Discovered by the British National Antarctic Expedition (1901-04) under Scott who applied the names Mount Mill and Mount Reeves to two features. The name Reeves Bluffs is considered more descriptive of the area and its use avoids duplication of the names Mount Mill and Mount Reeves. Named after Edward A. Reeves, map curator and instructor in practical astronomy and surveying to the Royal Geographical Society, 1900-33.

Reeves Bluffs (USA) 79° 36' 00.0" S 158° 40' 00.0" E Bluff
Name ID: 130638 Place ID: 11981

A line of east-facing rock bluffs, 8 mi long, situated 15 mi W of Cape Murray in the Cook Mountains. Discovered by the BrNAE (1901-04) under Capt. Robert F. Scott, who gave the name "Mount Reeves," after Edward A. Reeves, Map Curator to the Royal Geographical Society, to a summit along this bluff. The bluff was mapped in detail by USGS from surveys and U.S. Navy aerial photography (1959-63). Since a prominent mountain does not rise from the bluffs, and because the name Mount Reeves is in use elsewhere in Antarctica, the US-ACAN (1965) recommended that the original name be amended and that the entire line of bluffs be designated as Reeves Bluffs.

Showing all 2 place names.

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