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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Betbeder, cabo (ARG) 63° 37' 00.0" S 56° 41' 00.0" W Cape
Name ID: 100270 Place ID: 1284

Betbeder, Cabo (CHL) 63° 35' 30.0" S 56° 37' 00.0" W Cape
Name ID: 105182 Place ID: 1284

Fue cartografiado por la Expedición Antártica Sueca de 1901-1904, al mando de Nordenskjöld, quien le dio el nombre por el apellido del contraalmirante Onofre Betbeder, ministro de Marina argentino, bajo cuyas órdenes fue despachada la corbeta "Uruguay" a rescatar a la expedición de Nordenskjöld. Cabo que constituye el extremo S de la isla Andersson, la que está ubicada en la boca S del paso Antarctic, en el extremo de la península Luis Felipe.

Cape Betbeder (RUS) 63° 37' 00.0" S 56° 41' 00.0" W Cape
Name ID: 117082 Place ID: 1284

Cape Betbeder (GBR) 63° 37' 00.0" S 56° 41' 00.0" W Cape
Name ID: 107788 Place ID: 1284

SW point of Andersson Island, off Trinity Peninsula, was probably first sighted by SwAE on 15 January 1902; charted and named Kap Betbeder after Vicealmirante Onofre Betbeder (1860-1914), of the Argentine Navy; first captain of the frigate Presidente Sarmiento; Minister of Marine in 1903 on whose orders the Argentine sloop-of -war was sent to relieve SwAE on Snow Hill Island (Nordenskjöld and others, 1904b, Vol. 2, first end map). Cabo Betbeder (Nordenskjöld and others, 1904-05, Tomo 1, end map; Chile. IHA, 1974, p.45). Cap Betbeder (Charcot, 1912, Pl. 1). Cape Betbeder (BA chart 3205, 31.x.1921; APC, 1955, p.5; BAS 250 sheet SP 21-22/14, 1-DOS 1973). Kapp Betbeder (HA chart, 1928). The cape was resurveyed by FIDS from "Hope Bay", 1945-47. Punta Castro, so called by AAE after a sailor in Uruguay, 1904-05. (Argentina. MD, 1978, letter C).

Cape Betbeder (USA) 63° 37' 00.0" S 56° 41' 00.0" W Cape
Name ID: 122493 Place ID: 1284

Cape which marks the SW end of Andersson Island, lying in Antarctic Sound off the NE tip of Antarctic Peninsula. Charted by the SwedAE, 1901-04, under Nordenskjold, and named by him for R. Admiral Onofre Betbeder, Argentine Minister of Marine, upon whose orders the Argentine ship Uruguay was dispatched to rescue Nordenskjold's expedition.

Castro, punta (ARG) 63° 37' 00.0" S 56° 40' 00.0" W Cape
Name ID: 100459 Place ID: 1284

Shield Lake (AUS) 68° 31' 48.0" S 78° 15' 54.0" E Water body
Name ID: 1284 Place ID: 13169

A lake, shaped like a shield in plan, just south of Ekho Lake on Broad Peninsula, Vestfold Hills. The lake was one of several lakes investigated by ANARE biologists wintering at Davis in 1974.

Showing all 7 place names.

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