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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Bigelow Rock (RUS) 66° 10' 00.0" S 95° 25' 00.0" E Rock
Name ID: 117090 Place ID: 1313

Bigelow Rock (USA) 66° 10' 00.0" S 95° 25' 00.0" E Rock
Name ID: 122511 Place ID: 1313

Low, ice-covered rock about 150 ft long, with numerous rock exposures close above sea level, lying immediately W of Shackleton Ice Shelf, about 25 mi NE of Junction Corner. Delineated from aerial photographs taken by USN Operation HighJump, 1946-47. An astronomical control station was established on the rock by USN Operation Windmill, 1947-48. Named by the US-ACAN for Tech. Sgt. George H. Bigelow, USMC, tractor driver-mechanic with USN Operation HighJump and USN Operation Windmill.

Husky Massif (AUS) 71° 00' 00.0" S 65° 10' 00.1" E Massif
Name ID: 1313 Place ID: 6796

A rock outcrop, about 2,190 m above sea level, about 5 km long, about 12 km south-west of Mount Bewsher in the Prince Charles Mountains, Mac.Robertson Land. An area of moraine extends along the eastern side. First sighted from Mount Bewsher by an ANARE party led by W.G. Bewsher in January 1957. Plotted from ANARE air photographs, which show the feature to be larger than it appeared from Mount Bewsher and that it only has a domed appearance when viewed from there. Named Husky Dome to commemorate the dogs used by the party.

Showing all 3 place names.

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