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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Simpson Rocks (RUS) 61° 58' 00.0" S 57° 22' 00.0" W Rock
Name ID: 120591 Place ID: 13307

Simpson Rocks (GBR) 61° 57' 57.6" S 57° 24' 57.5" W Rock
Name ID: 111193 Place ID: 13307

rising 9m above sea level NE of Cape Melville, King George Island, were known to nineteenth-century sealers; charted by Weddell, probably in 1823, and named Simpsons Islands (Weddell, 1825a, map facing p.132). Simpsons Insel (Weddell, 1827, third end map). IÎle Simpson (d'Urville, 1838, map following p.1170). Isla Simpson (Spain. DH chart 458, 1861). Simpson Insel (Friederichsen, 1895, Tafel 7 facing p.304). Îles Simpson (Charcot, 1912, Pl.1). Simpson Rocks (Isle) (BA chart 3205, 1.iii.1929; Hill and others, chart, 1937b). Simpson Island (USHO chart 1132, 1930). Simpson Rock [sic] (Chaplin, 1932, p.301; BA, 1974, p.160; chart 3205, 16.vii.1976). Simpson Rocks (BA chart 3205, 25.iii.1937; [in 61°57'S 57°23'W] APC, 1955, p.19; [co-ordinates corrected] APC, 1977, p.30; BA, 1977, p.4). The rocks were recharted by DI in January 1937. Simson [sic] Rocks (Hill, 1937). Rocas Simpson (Argentina. MM chart 64, 1939; Pierrou, 1970, p.661; Chile. IHA, 1974, p.261). Simpsons Is. (Hobbs, 1939a, p.41). Simson [sic] Skjµrne (Hansen, chart 5, 1947a). Roca Simpson (Chile. DNH chart L, 1951). Roches Simpson (France. SHM, 1954, p.44). The rocks were photographed from the air by FIDASE in 1956. Skaly Simpson (Soviet Union. AA, 1966, Pl.175).

Simpson Rocks (USA) 61° 58' 00.0" S 57° 23' 00.0" W Rock
Name ID: 131632 Place ID: 13307

A group consisting of a rock, 10 m high, surrounded by sunken rocks, lying 5 mi NE of Cape Melville, King George Island, in the South Shetland Islands. The name "Simpsons Islands" appears on a chart of 1825 by British sealer James Weddell, but the term rocks is considered more descriptive than islands.

Simpson, rocas (ARG) 61° 58' 00.0" S 57° 25' 00.0" W Rock
Name ID: 102184 Place ID: 13307

Simpson, Rocas (CHL) 61° 57' 00.0" S 57° 19' 00.0" W Rock
Name ID: 106271 Place ID: 13307

El nombre Simpson apareció en agosto de 1825 en una carta del marino inglés Sr. James Weddell y ahora su uso está establecido internacionalmente. Grupo de rocas, algunas de la cuales están sumergidas; situadas a 7 millas al NE del cabo Melville, isla Rey Jorge, en las islas Shetland del Sur.

Showing all 5 place names.

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