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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Sørpolen (NOR) 90° 00' 00.0" S 0° 00' 00.0" E Pole
Name ID: 116156 Place ID: 13736

South Pole (NZL) 90° 00' 00.0" S 0° 00' 00.0" E Pole
Name ID: 114424 Place ID: 13736

The southernmost point in the Ross Dependency, where the axis of rotation intersects the surface of the earth, and where the lines of longitude converge.

South Pole (RUS) 90° 00' 00.0" S 0° 00' 00.0" E Pole
Name ID: 120711 Place ID: 13736

South Pole (GBR) 90° 00' 00.0" S 0° 00' 00.0" E Pole
Name ID: 111295 Place ID: 13736

S extremity of the Earth's axis and point common to British Antarctic Territory, Terre Adélie, Australian Antarctic Territory and Ross Dependency (APC, 1962, p.29), was reached by five-man sledge parties of the Third Norwegian Expedition in the Fram, 1910-12 (Capt. R. Amund- sen), from Bay of Whales, 14 December 1911, and of the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-13 (Capt. R. F. Scott, RN), from McMurdo Sound, 17 January 1912; overflown by the United States Antarctic Expedition, 1928-30 (R. E. Byrd), in the Ford 4-AT tri-motored monoplane Floyd Bennett (Bernt Balchen, command pilot), 29 November 1929. The first aircraft landing was made at the pole, 31 October 1956, in the ski-equipped R4D Skytrain aircraft Que Sera Sera (Lieut. Cdr Conrad S. Shinn, USN, command pilot) (Dufek Massif, Mount Hawkes, q.v.), prior to the establishment of the US "Amundsen-Scott Station" or "South Pole Station" in November 1956. The station was reached by a Ferguson tractor party of TAE from "Scott Base", McMurdo Sound (Sir Edmund Hillary), 4 January 1958, with return by air, and by a Tucker Sno-cat and dog-team party of TAE from "Shackleton", Filchner Ice Shelf (Sir Vivian Fuchs), 19 January 1958, the party continuing to "Scott Base" by Sno-cat (Fuchs and Hillary, 1958f). Biegun Po udniowy (Po), Déli-Sark (Hu), Eteläinen Napa (Fi), Hakotev Hatsfony (He), JizÅni Pol, JizÅnítocÅna (C), JuzÅni Pol (SC, Sl), Pôle Sud (Fr), Polo Sud (I), Pólo Sul (Pt), Polo Sur (Sp), Sørpolen (N), Südpol (G), Sydpol (Da, N, Sw), Sydpolen (N, Sw), Yuzhnyy Polyus (R), Zuidpool (Du).

Sur, Polo (CHL) 90° 00' 00.0" S 0° 00' 00.0" E Pole
Name ID: 106330 Place ID: 13736

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