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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Stigant Point (RUS) 62° 02' 00.0" S 58° 45' 00.0" W Point
Name ID: 120790 Place ID: 14041

Stigant Point (GBR) 62° 01' 22.0" S 58° 42' 40.1" W Point
Name ID: 111405 Place ID: 14041

WSW of Davey Point, NW King George Island, was charted by DI, 1934-35, and named after George Bertie Stigant (1889-1973), cartographer and linguist, Hydrographic Department, Admiralty, 1910-55 (Superintending Cartographer, 1935-51) (Nelson and others, chart 1935c; BA chart 3205, 25.iii.1937; APC, 1958, p.6; BA chart 3205, 23.xi.1962). Punta Stigant (Argentina. MM chart 64, 1939; Pierrou, 1970, p.673; Chile. IHA, 1974, p.268). Pointe Stigant (France. SHM, 1954, p.44). Stignant [sic] Point, in error (APC, 1955, p.20). The point was photographed from the air by FIDASE, 1956-57. Punta Stigan [sic] (Argentina. MM, 1957a, p.41). Mys Stigant (Soviet Union. MMF chart, 1961).

Stigant Point (USA) 62° 02' 00.0" S 58° 45' 00.0" W Point
Name ID: 132189 Place ID: 14041

Conspicuous point, 65 m high, lying 6 mi SW of Davey Point on the N coast of King George Island, in the South Shetland Islands. Charted and named in 1935 by DI personnel on the of the Hydrographic Department of the Admiralty.

Stigant, punta (ARG) 62° 01' 00.0" S 58° 43' 00.0" W Point
Name ID: 102240 Place ID: 14041

Stigant, Punta (CHL) 62° 01' 00.0" S 58° 42' 00.0" W Point
Name ID: 106319 Place ID: 14041

Fue cartografiada y denominada en el año 1935, por el personal de la Discovery II. Probablemente, el nombre fue dado en recuerdo de G. B. Stipaut, miembro durante largos años del Departamento de Hidrografía del Almirantazgo. Toma este nombre una punta conspicua de 64 metros de altura, cerca de 12 millas al WSW de punta Redonda en la costa N de la isla Rey Jorge, en las islas Shetland del Sur.

Showing all 5 place names.

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