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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Borchgrevink Glacier (NZL) 73° 04' 00.0" S 168° 30' 00.0" E Glacier
Name ID: 112838 Place ID: 1596

A large glacier flowing from the south-east end of the Victory Mountains to pass between Mt Phillips and Mt Lubbock, and thence projecting into the sea for several miles as a floating ice tongue which forms the northernmost part of the Lady Newnes Ice Shelf. It was discovered by Borchgrevink in 1901 in the "Southern Cross". The vessel was tied to sea-ice on the south side of Mt Lubbock, observations were made, and a dog-sledge was taken across the sea-ice to the westward for a few miles, probably to the floating face of the Borchegrevink Glacier. Named by the NZ Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition 1957-58.

Borchgrevink Glacier (USA) 73° 04' 00.0" S 168° 30' 00.0" E Glacier
Name ID: 122729 Place ID: 1596

A large glacier in the Victory Mountains, Victoria Land, draining S between Malta Plateau and Daniell Peninsula, and thence projecting into Glacier Strait, Ross Sea, as a floating glacier tongue. Named by the NZGSAE, 1957-58, for Carsten E. Borchgrevink, leader of the BrAE, 1898-1900. Borchgrevink visited the area in February 1900 and first observed the seaward portion of the glacier.

Mount Rymill (AUS) 73° 01' 21.5" S 65° 50' 34.6" E Mountain
Name ID: 1596 Place ID: 12562

A fairly massive rock exposure with an undulating surface, marked by the extensive formation of stone polygons, about 11 km west of Mt. Stinear in the southern Prince Charles Mountains. Photographed from ANARE aircraft in 1956, 1957 and 1958. Named after J.R. Rymill, leader of the British Graham Land Expedition (1934-37).

Showing all 3 place names.

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