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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Booth Peninsula (AUS) 66° 05' 28.3" S 101° 12' 31.3" E Peninsula
Name ID: 2111 Place ID: 1590

An irregular shaped rocky peninsula in the northern part of the Bunger Hills. Delineated from air photographs taken by USN Operation Highjump (1946-47) and called Booth Ridge by USACAN. NOTE: It has the name Charnokitovyj, poluostrov in the Russian gazetteer.

Bush Mountains (NZL) 84° 57' 00.0" S 179° 30' 00.0" E Mountain
Name ID: 112903 Place ID: 2111

A group of rugged foothills rising to about 1219 m and lying just east of the mouth of Shackleton Glacier, fronting on the Ross Ice Shelf. Discovered by the Byrd AE, 1928-30, in November 1929. Named by Byrd for James I Bush, a United States financier, and patron of the expedition.

Bush Mountains (RUS) 84° 57' 00.0" S 179° 35' 00.0" E Mountain
Name ID: 117327 Place ID: 2111

Bush Mountains (USA) 84° 57' 00.0" S 179° 30' 00.0" E Mountain
Name ID: 123137 Place ID: 2111

A series of rugged elevations at the heads of Ramsey and Kosco Glaciers, extending from Mount Weir in the west to Anderson Heights overlooking Shackleton Glacier in the east. Photographed at a distance by the ByrdAE on several flights to the Queen Maud Mountains in November 1929. The mountains were further defined from aerial photographs taken by the USAS (1939-41), USN Operation HighJump (1946-47), and USN OpDFrz (1956-63). Named by US-SCAN, on the recommendation of R. Admiral Byrd, after James I. Bush, American financier and patron of the ByrdAE, 1928-30.

Showing all 4 place names.

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