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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Coppermine Peninsula (GBR) 62° 22' 27.2" S 59° 42' 46.4" W Peninsula
Name ID: 108298 Place ID: 2967

terminating in Fort William, NW Robert Island, was called Península Copper Mine in association with Coppermine Cove (q.v.) (Gonzßlez- Ferrßn and Katsui, 1970, sketch map p.130); following its designation in 1971 as SPA No. 16 under the Antarctic Treaty (FCO, 1971, p.12), named Coppermine Peninsula (APC, 1974, p.3; BA, 1974, p.164). Redesignated as ASPA No.112 in 2002. Coppermine (Leó, 1975, p.16). Península de Cooper [sic] Mine (Corrego and others, 1975, p.64). Península de Copper Mine (Leó, 1975, p.16). Coppermine Peninsula (Admiralty chart 1774,

Coppermine Peninsula (USA) 62° 22' 00.0" S 59° 43' 00.0" W Peninsula
Name ID: 123803 Place ID: 2967

Rugged peninsula 1 mi long, located between Carlota Cove and Coppermine Cove at the W end of Robert Island, South Shetland Islands. The name was proposed by UK-APC in 1971. It derives from Coppermine Cove to the S, a name in use since the 1820s.

Showing all 2 place names.

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